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Preparation for EUFNF this week!


Since EUFNF (European Friday Night Fights) has gained a lot of popularity over the past few weeks, it has become necessery to do a small amount of revisions: EUFNF will now adopt a new format! But don't be afraid, it's only an extension, the Apéritif, an apetizer that takes place before the main event. We now have rubrics for every console, so don't be afraid to ask for some Wii/PC/PS3 EUFNF!

EUFNF Apéritif:

Platform: PC
Game: Team Fortress 2
People: Subenu, Tarvu, watermanx
SteamIDs: Subenu, Tarvu, watermanx
Time: 19h - 20h GMT

EUFNF Main Course:

Platform: Xbox 360
Game: Undecided yet
People: Tarvu, the guy with the hat (exceptions are made for him), Watermanx, Subenu
Gamertags: Tarvu/The Kinky Ninja, appolo 11 22 33, watermanx, Neo Subenu
Time: 20h GMT onwards

Platform: PS3
Game: Red Dead Redemption or MAG
People: Byronic Man
PSN ID: Tsukanda
Time: Evening / Not Specified

Platform: Wii
Game: Tatsunoko versus Capcom
People: Subenu, GoldenGamerXero
Friendcodes: 5285-2857-6193, 1334–0374-3859
Comment: Now, if somebody is interested, Subenu could host some nice The Conduit action or some Tatsunoko versus Capcom awesomness. Only on request!

Wanna host? Wanna join up? Hit the comments or head to the Forum! Also, as you can see, we haven't decided yet what to play on Xbox, so the power is yours!
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