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PS3 Fight Club - Ranbat 1 UPDATE


We've had 3 games played in the first 24 hours of the Ranbat, including 1 of the rare Round 1 games.

Helpful links
The current bracket, updated daily:
Forum thread: http://www.destructoid.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18219

A few reminders:
Message me after your matches to let me know the results. I need to know who won, the score and which characters were used. I'm keeping track of all of the match results in a text document that I'll post at the end as a sort of synopsis. There are several ways to get the info to me: a PSN message, a Dtoid PM or posting in the forum thread. PSN messaging and Dtoid PM are preferred.

Save your replays. I would like to be able to record and post some of these games.

An amusing story
On Saturday, when no Dtoiders were on the PSN, I decided to hit up some ranked matches. I played a specific Ken player twice and defeated him both times. He had more Battle Points and Player Points than I did but I dominated him both games. I was kind of shocked as my Juri generally has a hard time with the Shoto characters. I noticed that he spent a lot of time standing still, waiting for me to do something. To test his reaction, I charged up three fireballs, walked toward him, released one then jumped back. He did nothing. I then released the second fireball and dashed in, still he did nothing. Both games ended up being him standing still, me standing still and then reacting to his impatience with cross ups, fireballs and other shenanigans.

Later that evening, I got a message from him telling me that I need to stop running away and learn how to play because I'm ruining Street Fighter. After some thought, I decided to message him back and explain that as I had beaten him twice, I clearly do know how to play SF. I also explained that while I prefer a rushdown style of play, Juri cannot really do that against Ken. I then pointed out that the reason he lost both games was that he let me control the pace of the match and suggested that when he loses he should examine his own game rather than sending out counterproductive messages such as the one he sent to me. He responded the next day with a message that I had the best message response he had ever received. I messaged him back that I win.

The moral is simple: He who controls the match, wins. It's not completely about having a better character or perfect execution. It's also about mind games and making your opponent feel that he's not in control and the panic reaction that creates.
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