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The Obscurer Tribune # 47


I honestly can’t think of anything interesting to say here this week (not like anyone ever reads this part anyway), so I’ll just shut up and let you get to the news items:


Cave has posted a new trailer for DeathSmiles II X, offering a brief look at the new modes (one of which looks like some goofy take-off of Cameltry). Oh, by the way, are you prepared for a Japanese techno remix of “Joy to the World”? You’d better be if you click that link.

Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype is almost here, and the official blog has been updated with two new videos and additional information. Check the comments as well, where a coming price drop for the first Soldner-X is hinted at, along with a bundle including both games.

Two new videos have surfaced for The Flying Hamster, instructing us on how to properly utilize bananas and beer while fighting various woodland creatures. (DISCLAIMER: Never actually use bananas and beer like this! EVER!)

There are also a whole bunch of new videos for the 360 port of Senko no Ronde DUO on G. Rev’s YouTube channel – I’ll start you off with a pair of tutorials, you can see some more linked off to the side. The gamerpics related to this title can also be seen here.

Apparently PixelJunk Shooter did okay, as a sequel is on the way – moreover, the president of Q-Games states that they probably won’t make a third one, since they’re putting so much into this sequel that there’ll be nothing much left over afterwards. Guess that’s one way to build some excitement up for this thing! Some bits about the game’s soundtrack, or lack thereof, are here. Also, according to this, a demo for the first game will be up on the PSN sometime next week. (DToid coverage here.)

On similar ground, Space Invaders: Infinity Gene won itself a good amount of praise when it released on the iPhone, and now it looks like it may be headed to other gaming formats in some form or another. Stay tuned…

Interested in the Gundemonium Collection of doujin shooters headed to the PS3 via Rockin’ Android? Well, you might be even more interested know that it appears the games will be on the PSP as well. At least one of them, anyway.

Alert from the front page – pre-order Sin and Punishment 2 from Gamestop and you get 500 Wii points. Do it online and they’ll throw a poster at you too. xandaca has also posted a review of the game on the c-blogs – yeah, the Europeans already have it, and are currently thumbing their collective nose at the NTSC-U territories. Seriously, look out the window, you can’t miss ‘em.

It’s not free anymore, but Dark Raider for the iPhone might be worth a try for overhead roaming shooter fans – a trailer can be viewed here.

This blog contains a bunch of pics of the figurine to be included with the LE of Strike Witches for the 360 – cute, definitely, but whether it’s worth the extra cash is a tougher call. On the Touhou front, the Sakuya figures just keep on coming – this one’s a bit more posable and customizable than most, though, if you’re interested. Also, while not “technically” figure-related, apparently an upcoming Lego fan gathering will be featuring a bunch of crafts based on the Vic Viper from Gradius.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am altogether incapable of not covering silly retro-shooter memorabilia and other such Capitalist manifestos – these shot glasses feature Asteroids, Tempest, and a few others, so here they are.

Looks like the King of Fighters XIII roster is more or less complete – Kula and Maxima will be joining K’, and no blank slots are left. Now we just hope the rest of the game is beefed up as much as the roster… (DToid coverage here. A new trailer can be viewed over here.

Over on s0lesurviv0r’s c-blog there’s a new trailer for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. It’s mostly just flash and yelling and all that stuff, but you know you’ll watch it anyway. Elsewhere, there’s some good news for PAL gamers – you’ll be getting the game sometime this year. Also, if you PC gamers don’t mind being an iteration behind console players, the original Blazblue: Calamity Trigger finally appears to be headed for the good ol’ computer.

Cheesy digitized fighters JUST WON’T DIE – case in point, Warriors of Elysia featuring a cast comprised entirely of women in bikinis. Something tells me this won’t be threatening Arcana Heart’s place on the tourney scene.

A couple more Super Street Fighter IV-related items have popped up this past week – first on tap, the relatively “normal” bits. For starters, on the same day that the “Tournament Mode” DLC goes live, the game will also receive a patch to tweak a handful of balancing issues and bugs. Next, a nice tip from Gamer Limit: if you order SSFIV from Gamestop’s site, you can get it for 30 bucks, even cheaper than the already-low MSRP. There are some other notable deals there as well, so look around.

Now to the stranger SSFIV news briefs. From the marketing department, in case you’ve ever wanted an OFFICIAL SSFIV HDTV, you can now buy one – enjoy! From fan-ville, just in case you thought that “Mech-Zangief” was intimidating, wait ‘til you see him as a Transformer! Finally, a guy hooks up a guitar controller (not a plastic one either, but one with strings and everything) to play some SFIV…in “sparring” mode, anyways. For some reason.

As per usual, here are the latest updates and such for nilcam’s upcoming “PS3 Fight Club” competition, as well as a corresponding item for de BLOO’s equivalent 360-based tourney. No matter which system you play, you’re gonna lose some teeth!

It would appear that some fellow has been busy rendering Sesame Street characters as Street Fighter combatants – all right then! Stop by his dA account to see the full set, not to mention Ronald McDonald and Fidel Castro engaged in “Capitalism Combat”. (DToid coverage here.)

I have to agree with the general sentiment that Akuma Matata should have been more than it is here – anyone willing to give everyone’s favorite demonic shoto-clone the LOL-worthy send-up he deserves?

RPGamer recently conducted an interview with NIS America regarding Trinity Universe – I don’t think anyone else is as happy as I am to see that Pamela the Friendly Ghost is making an appearance here, but I don’t much care. Also, two videos of some dialogue sequences can be seen on Gamespot – things certainly seem appropriately goofy. Hopefully the game itself can match the appeal of the cast…

Siliconera, meanwhile, continues its chat with Falcom’s president in the wake of the company’s partnership with Xseed – this time he talks mostly about the Sora no Kiseki games. He also speaks a bit more generally about the company’s approach to downloadable titles versus physical ones, and home consoles versus portables.

The above site has also put up a second playtest of Hexyz Force, this time with the English-language edition…I’m getting mixed impressions here, though I guess I’ll be seeing how it works out for myself when I pick this up next week.

The front page has a video featuring a tutorial of Xenoblade’s battle system – it’s in Japanese, and thus won’t impart a heckuva lot to most readers here, but nobody’s complaining about more footage of any sort.

Remember Zikande Fantasia, the spiritual successor to Half-Minute Hero that was announced not too long ago? Now we’ve got some video footage of the game in action – now THAT’S a brand of boss music you don’t hear too often anymore.

There have already been a bunch of rundowns of the new stuff included in Persona 3 Portable, but Atlus just released another one in video form – don’t tell me you’re not gonna watch it. (DToid coverage here.)

Not too many people around here liked Cross Edge, but it appears that this was not the case in Korea, for whatever reason.

NISA included some pictures of the Persona: Trinity Soul deluxe box set in its latest “Prinny Bomb” mailer – if you’re not signed up for it, you can see them here, here, and here.

“Think you’re good at SRPGs?”, mjemirizan asks. “Well, I’ve got some challenges for you.”

I don’t think this is the first time it’s happened on the c-blogs, but Enkido is holding a contest to give someone a copy of Valkyria Chronicles – if you haven’t played the game yet, remember, there’s no better price for it than free! A quick update is here.

Think you’ve seen enough of those Shining Wind swimsuit figures? No you haven’t, says Tomopop!

Siliconera posts a play test of Prinny 2: The Great Pantsu War, and I get depressed…for better or worse it sounds quite similar to the first game, so I’m not sure how much of a stomach I’ll have a for a second round of this. The site also details a bit of the game’s DLC, which pits you against Pram from Makai Kingdom.

Kotaku’s got some more impressions of Okamiden – while it’s about the same demo that was mentioned there a little while ago, but another perspective is always nice to have.

Yup, it’s official – the next word-centric production from 5th Cell will be titled Super Scribblenauts, and will be out sometime this fall. The first game showed plenty of promise, so hopefully they’ll come through 100 percent on this one. (DToid coverage here.)

Looks like Kotaku is the first of the Tribune’s usual sources to post a review of the Rocket Knight remake – Gamer Limit followed suit a few days afterwards. Sounding pretty good overall.

Herr Sterling seems to have a knack for tracking down unusual-looking 3D platformers (though these days most any specimen is unusual in and of itself) – The Kore Gang is his latest offering to the front page, so check it out and hope that this much-delayed title gets itself a release soon.

Breaking news! We finally know when Fez is coming out: yes!

Looks like somebody has picked up the Hello Kitty license and decided to make a Breakout-style game with it (again); incomprehensibly, though, it would appear that Kitty is no longer considered cute enough on its own, and requires a huge dose of “moe” to so much as merit a passing glance these days. Anyways, there’s a trailer for this game here – off the cuff it at least looks like some of the stages have an interesting gimmick or two to offer. If you’re in the mood for even more ball-and-paddle action, check out Jet Ball as well.

I’ve been a bit remiss in covering Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition, but you definitely deserve to hear this – through the end of this month, if you go to the game’s official site, you can not only listen to the full soundtrack, but you can download it to your PC free of charge! If you like the game’s music make sure to head over – heck, even if you didn’t it won’t cost you anything! DToid coverage here.)

It’s been asked whether Portal is obscure enough to qualify for the Tribune coverage it gets, and the question is a legitimate one, but consider this – despite the game’s iconic nature, since it was released for free on Steam a week or so ago it’s been downloaded one and a half million times. Guess there are still plenty of people out there who haven’t played it before…or plenty of uber-fans who’ll devote hard drive space to a second (or third) copy of the game just to say they have it.

I forget if it was already mentioned that Hatsune Miku: project Diva 2nd would come bundled with a little Miku charm accessory – just in case I missed it, Tomopop’s got an item about it. On a related note, Miku will be making a cameo in the next Taiko no Tatsujin entry.

This past week’s Reserve or Regret at Tomopop mentions a handful of “Touhou” figures along with the Selvaria and Mercedes that have been linked several times apiece on here.


Yeah, nothing here either. Anyways, thanks as always for reading, and keep gaming obscurely.
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