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Review: Final Fantasy XIII


I honestly think the only reason I kept playing this game is to find out if the storyline gets any better because I wasn�t happy with anything in this game beside the usual amazing graphics and sound. Square Enix does always make pretty games and I was blown away with the great use of contrast with Cocoon�s perfect crystal world and Pulse�s junky and grungy surface world. The characters continue to look more and more like real human beings with every new game.

Created by Masashi Hamauzu who also scored Dirge of Cereberus, Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack features a song from Leona Lewis, �My Hands� and it is quite beautiful. I don�t think anything will be quite as cool as the Final Fantasy X-2 soundtrack which I still groove in my car to but I think overall this soundtrack is tranquil and franchise worthy.

2 years is a long time to wait for a disappointment and now all I can think about is Kingdom Hearts 3 and how they could screw that up too. Considering what a bastard child Kingdom Heart: 358/2 days was it is a possibly. I hate to be cruel to a company whom I loved and relied on for so long for awesome games but they just have to learn to stop messing around with their bread and butter franchises. Final Fantasy wasn�t broken so why in God�s name did you try change it? I want my good game company back!

Rating: 6 out of 10
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