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PS3 Fight Club - T-minus 5 days

A few recommendations for the upcoming SSFIV ranbat:
1. Make sure everyone is added to your friends list. It's easier to have everyone on your friend list beforehand as it's one less step the week of your matches.

2. Play matches in a 2 player room with 1 private slot. I've noticed some odd, glitchy stuff online with SSFIV lately. Reducing the number of players per room will help to alleviate these sorts of problems.

3. Do not voice chat. You can if you would like to, but chatting is another variable that can cause problems. Cutting it out is a good idea.

4. The player with the best connection should host. I'll leave this up to the players to determine.

5. Assume that the matches you play with your opponent count. You're free to play casuals with your opponent of that round but please prioritize the actual ranbat matches.

6. Report the results to me via PSN as soon as you finish your matches. Do NOT assume the other player will do it.

7. When reporting the results, let me know the total number of wins/losses not just who won or lost the set. Details are good.

8. In the case of any conflict, I will act as judge.

Everything is set on my end. I've added everyone to my friends list and I've got everyone entered into the bracket. Check here Sunday morning for the bracket and to get things moving.
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