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Random Thoughts on a Monday

Well Summer is slowly approaching here in Louisiana and that means temperatures will reach ninety with 100% humidity soon. Some people like the heat here. Those people are sleestacks wearing people skin. They'd have to be to enjoy the sensation of swimming through an arm pit whenever you step outside.

Regardless of my disdain for the heat and the sun, Summer also brings about that time when the students at the university disperse to the four winds and I get to enjoy this rather beautiful campus in peace. Gone are the masses of jackass college students standing in the hallways chatting about doing the dew blocking my progress. Gone are the cars blasting awful college rock bullshit music at me. Now it's an almost empty campus where the only sounds I hear are the birds chirping and the occasional hello from a passerby. For someone like me who loves peace and quiet and hates jackass college students who think the world revolves around them, this is a good time. So these are some of my thoughts I've jotted down recently. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed thinking them.

1) Cookie cake. Kinda awesome. It's a cookie in cake form. How neat is that? However, you have to be careful. See there is a point where cookie cake goes from being awesome to being terrible. You know that feeling when you've eaten one piece too many and your stomach now hates you? Yeah, with cookie cake there is no warning. There's delicious and then there's gastrointestinal misery.

2) Remember Field Day in grade school? When instead of classes you played games outdoors like the three-legged race and the sack hop? Yeah, I hated Field Day. I've never been very good at sports and physical activities like that just remind me how much I hate sweating. Also, inevitably I would be paired up with the one kid in my class who hated me and vice versa.

3) Leonard Part 6 was a movie near and dear to my childhood. In case you missed it, it was the story of Bill Cosby as a secret agent who comes out of retirement to fight against a radical vegetarian super criminal who was brainwashing small animals to kill people. It sounds bat shit and kinda was and I loved it. Also, as a child I totally looked for Leonards part 1-5 at the video store even thought they 1) don't exist and 2) the movie even mentions this fact but I chose to ignore it. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Here's the amazing fight scene in which Leonard has to use magic ballerina shoes to beat up some bird people. At the end of the fight he shaves all of them using an electric razor. Why? Because Bill Cosby would tattoo his hate on your forehead if he could. I can respect that.

4) Last week saw Daria finally get released on dvd as well as the new National album come out. This is a one-two punch of joy in my life and I can't recommend these enough to all of you.

5) Thrift stores and used book stores are my home away from home. In my eternal quest for old video games and things curious and obscure, my hunting grounds are Goodwills and thrift stores around town. Often times I am successful in finding some sort of treasure, from a cloisonne bracelet with a goat head and faux emerald eyes to a copy of Super Mario Bros. 3, I shine as a thrift store shopper.

Also, the more elusive used book store is a hallowed place for me. Paperback sci-fi novels, Dorothy Parker poetry collections, dog-eared out of print graphic novels. Oh my. I could spend hours searching through book stores. If you are ever in Brookline, MA head on over to Brookline Booksmith. Top floor is a neat book shop and the basement floor is an amazing collection of rare, badass and awesome books. I once found vol. 3 of The American Journal of Anthropomorphics. Yeah, its a scientific journal <cough> of furry art. Please understand that while I am not myself a furry, I do support awful things so of course I had to have it. I hope that where ever you call home you have places like this where you can go and shine.

6) Those Time Life best of the 50's/60's/70's music collection infomercials make my heart jump for joy.

Check out the raw power of this music.

7) Flying Cats.


8) Flying Spiders.

An emphatic no.

9)Subway tile makes for an awesome backsplash in a kitchen.

10) I beat Heavy Rain. It felt like a vast improvement over Indigo Prophecy which was a game that I loved for what it tried to do. The whole "button indicators will shake when you are stressed" thing was lame and the plot was pretty meh at times. However, I still found myself really enjoying it and I really hope Quantic Dream makes another game so they can further improve this type of game.

11) Onion Rings > French Fries.

- Sent from my Lisa Frank Dungeon

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