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PS3 Fight Club - Rules for SSFIV Ranbat and details on scoring system

We have 33 players signed up for the SSFIV Ranbat. I've slightly adjusted the rules for a more streamlined experience for everyone. Here's all of the fleshed-out details for you.

Start Date: May 23, 2010

1. No character is off limits. To encourage players to use new characters, for this particular tournament only, an extra 5 points will be awarded to players who use a character who is new to the SFIV series (Juri, Hakan, Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, DeeJay, T. Hawk, Cody, Guy, and Adon ONLY). No extra points will be awarded for using a returning character's new ultra. The 5 points will only be added to your total and not for each individual match won/lost. In order to earn the 5 bonus points, at least 50% of your matches must be played using one of the new characters. Characters can be changed at any time during the tournament.

2. Each match must be played within a week. If players have issues concerning connection, scheduling or otherwise, they are to notify me and their opponent before the week is up. If the week has passed without the match being played, the appropriate player will be moved to losers bracket and then eliminated (those who made an effort to play their matches and notify me will not be penalized). No make up matches will be allowed to ensure continuity of the tournament.

3. All matches will be best of 3 rounds, with each player needing to win 2 out of a possible 3 sets. If a draw game happens, players will play a sudden death match in a best of 3 rounds setting.

4. All entrants must register before May 22, the day before the tournament is set to begin. If you have to drop from the tournament, let me know before the tournament's start date. There are no limitations on entrants and all match ups will be randomized using Tournament Maker.

Creating a scoring system that would be equal for all tournaments is very tricky. I contemplated awarding a point for each win that would increase until the end of the tournament. The problem here is that the player who stays in winners will play fewer matches than the other players. I also had to take into account the 5 bonus points for players using characters that are new to the SFIV series. On top of that, I want all ranbats to have the same weight when figuring out the overall score of a player. What I finally came up with is pretty simple.

As SSFIV will be the most popular ranbat, I will use the number of entrants as the top score. FOr example, with 33 players, first place gets 33 points and last place gets 1 point. Then I thought about the players who will tie and how that is to be handled. If multiple players tie, they will be awarded the highest score in that block of scores. For example, 4 people all go 2 losses and out. Instead of having to figure out who is last place, second to last, etc., each player will be awarded 4 points, which is the highest number of points in that block of scores.

SSFIV will determine the number of points in the other ranbats as well. This will reward players who participate in multiple ranbats and will also equalize the final results. As an example, if 4 people play in the KoF XII ranbat, first place will earn the same number of points as the SSFIV winner (33pts) and last place will earn 30 points. I'm open to suggestions on scoring but this is the best method I've come up with thus far.
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