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Pokemon KOs real life [another listblog whoo?]

Alright, some art in the blogs lately. Let's see what I can do to balance that out.

This is something that's been rattling around in my head for a while. Every time I turn on my DS, I'm filled with envy for that little sprites roaming around Johto. I'll be blunt, the world of Pokemon is inarguably better than the one we're living in. Blatantly even. Anyway, armed with a list of facts and also pictures, I'm going to prove it using internet science and a courageous disregard for perspective.

As an aside, about halfway through this, I stopped and realized a grown man drawing Pokemon might not be funny for the reasons I want it to be.

1. Hunger is gone
The first and least interesting reason, but still more interesting than any other reason in any other blog, is world hunger isn't a problem. I don't say this because no one ever seems to eat. No, instead this is clearly true because tall grass is bursting at the seams with Pokeomon. People can either eat whatever it is all these Pokemon are eating, or they can eat the Pokemon. Need dinner? Wander around a patch of tall grass. It might seem weird to munch on a rattata at first, but trust me, it's completely normal.

The confident sexuality of Christina Hendricks, the chiselled features of Nathan Fillion, the face of a Ditto.

And so ends the blog proper, but I've got more good news. I've realized I've fallen into the habit of churning out a few blogs a week and I'm thinking about cutting back, spacing them out a little more. I love creating things, and blogs are a part of that nebulous "things" umbrella, but I'm toying with the idea that we could all benefit from me giving my work more time to stew. While I can't promise I'll stick to this restraint, if I do, I solemnly swear you'll see no improvement in my work. I'll pump out the same old tripe, albeit at a slower pace than usual. But hey, if I'm averaging less filth over time, that means I've improved as a writer, right? Right.

Anyway, I only mention this because I don't want you to think I'm drifting away. Don't think I'm leaving, I said good news, not great. I still love the community and appreciate any of you who've taken the time to respond to my blogs. As always, thanks for reading.

Man, I wish I'd given you something other than a listblog to make you regret my diminished presence.
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