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Late Afternoon Thoughts

-In an alternate world, Robin Williams is my dad and Bea Arthur was my grandmother.
Thanksgiving would be badass.

-I recently re-activated my Steam account after years of inactivity. Nice new coat of paint on this here barn. I might have to get more PC games.

-Against my better judgment, I am going to Gamefly Super Street Fighter IV and jump on the PSN to try this whole “online gaming experience”. As you may or may not know, I am a gaming hermit, preferring to play alone or with someone sitting next to me. This will be a new and somewhat frightening experience for me, like jumping off the high dive for the first time or what happened in the boiler room after prom. Not to mention the fact that I am terrible at Street Fighter IV but I am really good at losing well.

Of course if I get my special pants, I will defeat all of you.

-I didn’t realize it until today but April marked my one year anniversary here at Destructoid. Thanks to the lot of you for that. It's a true pleasure coming here every day and being a part of the greatest online community ever.

-Some of you bastards are really talented. Of course, having no discernible talent, I hate you but respect your ability. Thanks to all of you for sharing whatever your passion is. I can't tell you how many mediocre days have been made better because of you.

My love (a pictorial representation):

-If you ever have a teenage nephew or niece and are playing video games, I figured out a great way to mess with them. When they start talking shit (and they will because they are teenagers and it’s their duty) take whatever they say and reply, “That’s not what your momma said last night.” The look on their face is priceless.

-If I end up digging this whole “playing online” thing, I will somehow need to get a headset for the PS3. Apparently blue tooth works? What the hell is blue tooth? Why is it called blue tooth? Blue tooth sounds like a Dick Tracy villain.

-Lychee is my new favorite fruit.

-Robert Mitchum in Night of the Hunter is my new nightmare man.

-Bruce Mcculloch is my favorite member of Kids in the Hall.

-Today I tweeted about a podcast. I felt very tech savvy. Then I remembered that I wear boots because I never learned how to tie laces. I felt less tech savvy after that.

-I’d love a zombie game where you are a kid in a house that has zombies in it and you have to hide to survive. I really miss that sense of suspense and fear in video games.

-British TV comedy recommendations: Like David Lynch-type awful things? Jaaaaam. Like The Mighty Boosh but want more cursing and anger? Snuff Box.

- Sent from my Lisa Frank Dungeon

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