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EUFNF April 23rd - Lolcano edition -- UPDATED


It's finally Friday again, and what would a Friday be, without some EUFNF? Now, Volcanos might be able to paralyse Europe's air traffic, but not us! No, we are as alive as we have alwas been...
So what's up this time?

Subenu, The Guy with the Hat and Tarvu
Gamertags: Neo Subenu, appolo 11 22 33, Tarvu
Something on Xbox live. Join us. GMT 8.00 PM

The usual stuff. You can always join, just add us on xbox live. What game is played is decided by democratic vote, recently Halo 3, Left4Dead and Borderlands have been popular. You can also join later on!

PSN id:jjmccallum
MW1&2, Resistance1&2, GTA4 or MAG
Eveningtime GMT, hit him up to organise something.

First time for JJMCCallum and first time as far as I remember for the PS3 fans out there. Add him, join and play, we are always happy with more variety!

UPDATE: New Challengers!
Ok, so here we have some more people:

Oak is joining on Xbox:
xbox gamer tag: Fu Eken
Steam id: 109 Eken

Cyberaltair joins on PS3:
PSN ID: cyberaltair

Finally, N0brain hosts BlazBlu!
GT: n0brein
PSN: n0brein_lu

Want to host something? Express your love or hatred for us? Then be my guest and hit the comments!

Also, fap to this!

Also, Also, cocks!
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