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Zombie Panic in Wonderland First impressions

Wow, what's this? Europe not being shafted when it comes to release dates for once? Nice surprise!
So, a few years ago, there was that little, awesome DS game called Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ. In case you never played it, go fetch a copy, it should be pretty cheap considering that it was released for 20$ back in the day. It received a Dsiware release way later in Europe. Better than not getting the game at all, right?

So, if you already played that game, be assured: you will also be please by Zombie Panic in Wonderland. The art style is absolutely great and is used during the cut-scenes. Thanks to space limitation etc. There are only still images in the cut scenes, but oh well...
The Graphics are really nice and colorful. Actually, they are really good for a Wiiware game, and as far as I can see, they run pretty smoothly no matter what happens on screen.

The game itself is pretty much a light gun shooter, but you can move your character in order to dodge attack. The character does not move forward or backwards so it is pretty much a shooting gallery. You have different characters after you beat the story mode. Unfortunately, those do not bring any different mechanics to the table, but it still is nice to have them, right? A two player mode, where the second player just jumps in and an Arcade mode, where you can pick which level to play, are also present. Since I haven't completed the game yet, it's hard to say how long it really is. The boss battles (every third level) are interesting and challenging. The gameplay can get a bit repetitive, but that's in the genres nature, right?

So, as far as I can see, it is well worth the 1000 Wii Points...

Oh, yeah here's a trailer!

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