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Arcade stick project - Update 3

As I was researching how to paint metal, I found that the process is extremely tedious and deals with a lot of chemicals I'd rather not mess with. I'm no Walter White, after all. I then started to research vinyl decals. These are coated and meant for use on cars and outside applications so they'll last a long time. A nearby shop, Fast Signs, deals in these. I work with them frequently as they do some printing for my office so I won't be using the Casshern template. I don't feel right about getting them involved in copyright stuff like that. So I returned to the designing portion and came up with a classic looking Neo Geo design. It's very simple and it's something I won't get tired of, which is a plus.

Here's the basic design:

It was quite interesting seeing the innards of this controller. I highly recommend tearing shit up in the name of learning.

In the next few days, I'm going to start the wiring process. It's pretty daunting considering the thinness of the wiring I'll be using. Once I have the vinyl decal and the buttons and balltop in place, I'll get down to the soldering. Hopefully, this project will be finished in the next 2 or 3 weeks.
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