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ignorant or thoughtless?

I love destructoid and I generally love its community. But, lately it seems to be descending into a childish pit of obscenity and disrespect. It is obvious from visiting this site daily that the team put a huge amount of effort in behind the scenes to keeping everything running smoothly and bringing us all the latest news. Its pretty poor that the 'community' are so hasty to attack the writers for sharing their opinions. It has been said [and i agree] that if you don't like it, don't read it! But, is this just a get out of jail free card being played? Unfortunately, this blog post is a dig at Jim Sterling. I read his blogs. Sometimes I find them entertaining and sometimes I find them offensive. But, it is always just his own matter of opinion and we are all welcome to our own opinions. This weekend though Jim has posted a blog about the leaking of some sonic 4 content. Once again he has been unnecessarily offensive.

[url] Sonic 4 videos leaked [/url]

I feel pretty sure that these posts are written like this to fire people up and get a reaction. This is a great way for destructoid to get huge amounts of traffic and please the sponsors. Its clever marketing. I could be wrong and Jim is genuinely this negative outside of his job. What annoys me though is that he is biting the hand that feeds him.

The particular thing that has got me fired up enough to write this blog is Jims use of the word 'mong' in the sonic post.

Does nobody check through the articles before they are posted?

Correct me if i'm wrong. But, im pretty sure that the word 'mong' originates from the word 'mongoloid' which was originally used as a racially derogatory term. Over time it evolved into another derogatory term for a person suffering from the mental illness downs-syndrome. Being from England, where the term was used widely for years, i'm pretty sure that Jim Sterling is aware of this. I feel that Jim is well aware of the social status & communicative power he has on the internet. It wouldn't be too hard to show a little more respect to the readers. I feel that these thoughtless, negative, often hypocritical and aggressive posts are the reason that Destructoids comment sections have sunk into an all time low.

I read a lot of destructoid. Positive blog posts entice a positive response. Negative blog posts entice a negative response. Troll bait entices trolls.

Also, to the reading/commenting community. I think a HUGE amount of people acted disgustingly on the metro 33 not-review. There was no need for that response at all!

Its not just up to the staff. It is up to us as a community to keep destructoid pleasant.

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