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Shaky-Cam Review: Glory of Heracles

(Welcome to my attempt at covering up my inability to update my c-blog, err, wait... can I start again?)

(Welcome to the most nauseating game reviews you'll ever read! ...No, that's not right...)

(Welcome to the only reviews that attempt to justify a lack of professional tools for taking screenshots! In an attempt to allow me more excuses to update this c-blog, I'm going to throw the occasional review up here, because why the hell not? I'm going to kick it off with a number that I haven't seen much buzz about and hope you don't go "tl;dr" on me here.)

The game takes an interesting graphical approach. While everything outside of the �setup� menu is modeled in polygons, it�s textured in a way that it all looks sprite-based. It�s an interesting take to add to its retreaux motif, and the game manages to pull it off pretty well. You might spot a jaggie here or there, but had you not read this review, you�d just assume it�s the old fashioned graphics at work. However, you will be wishing for a more old-fashioned fixed camera. In towns, the camera does an abysmal job, constantly swinging around the moment you walk in front of a door to show you that door, and your movement is dependant on the camera�s angle.

Overall, there�s really not much to say about Glory of Heracles that you can�t say about JRPGs in general. Really, your opinion of this game will probably come down to your opinion of JRPGs. It doesn�t do anything innovative, but what it does, it does well. And sure, it takes some liberties with its source material (the Trojan Horse was certainly not used as a battering ram to enter a zombie-infested city of Troy), but it couldn�t have done as good of a job elsewise. All I will say is that sometimes you don�t need to do anything super-new to be enjoyed. Hell, Earthbound wasn�t exactly super-innovative.
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