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Scott Pilgrim is the Movie We've All Been Waiting For

Well as of Today, the Trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is up on Apple Trailers, iTunes and Youtube. I have to say this, it's looking like the Video Game movie we've all wanted to see.

Here's the Trailer to see for yourself. Hopefully Youtube doesn't pull it...

If youtube does pull it, check http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/universal/scottpilgrimvstheworld/

I know that may sound odd, give a film geek living in a gaming community, an ear would ya?

For those that Don't know, Scott Pilgrim is a currently Running comic that is almost done and the movie shares in many of the same respects except for the ending I'm told. It's the story of essentially a geek whose trying to get the girl of his dreams...only he needs to defeat her 7 deadly Exes. And no i didn't make that up.

It's considered to be one of the best comics on the market today, and even though I'm not hugely into comics myself, the little I've read of Pilgrim really encourages me for the adaptation. I plan on checking it out more when I have the cash to buy them.

Anyway moving on to why it won't be a failure of a film, Edgar Wright, the director behind the film. Don't know who that is? Shame on you. He's the 3rd musketeer along side Simon Pegg and Nick Frost brilliant Acting chops. Meaning that the movie has perhaps one of the best and most creative film makers on the market especially considering the well directed action scenes of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Now Pegg and Frost aren't in Scott Pilgrim, they're working on other films during the shooting so who is playing the Titular Scott Pilgrim? Michael Cera. Now he may be known for just one style of acting, namely scared confused and wimpy. But Youth in Revolt showed that he does have acting chops to pull off other types of characters.

From what this short trailer has shown, why we'll see Cera tearing up the screen in over the top Action scenes, complete with hyperboles and that just makes me giddy. So maybe it's not just the perfect video game film. It's also the perfect comic book film too then.

Well whatever we end up calling it, it's going to be a marvelous over the top film in any regard.

I can't wait for this Epic of Epic Epicness to hit Theaters.

(edit fixed the trailer from youtube. the apple link should still work considering that's the only official vid hosting as of now)
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