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For Those Who Yet Still Walk This Hell...

[Disclaimer: This blog does not represent the views or opinions of Enkido as he exists in a sane state and he cannot be held responsible for the content expressed in this article. For real, these are dark times we live in. Also, cocks.]

If you are reading this I thank the heavens that there is another like myself who has survived the events that have reshaped our world. I pray that you keep well with your health and your sanity intact, we both know that is a rarity in these times. I now find myself staring at a vast expanse of nothingness. Not a single thing was left standing by the cataclysm that has devastated our world, razing our Earth to a wasteland that paints the hell described in Revelation as paradise. As I write this, I struggle to hold onto my sanity. There is hope, as I have found a close knit group, one which stands firm in this sea of insanity and hope that you may as well. This letter to an unnamed inheritor represents my experiences in this world after the end times, and the travels therein. I feel that I must catalog the events that have torn our planet and our way of life asunder. History must know what happened to us at this, the darkest of times, so that we may avoid foolishly repeating them again, for we cannot afford to do so. God knows it may already be too late.

I awoke, with a start, a furious pounding in my head. I struggled to open my eyes and even in succeeding was met only with darkness. As my hands stumbled blindly around, frantically searching for any clues as to my current whereabouts and situation, I came to realize that I had been buried under rubble. With hesitation, my memory slowly revisited me, and I realized that this must be the ruined remains that was once my humble abode. As my memories flooded back into my already pounding head I recalled my last fleeting moments of consciousness. What had begun a calm day, no different than any other, devolved into chaos with such alacrity and fury, as to catch those who had prepared unawares. Even the creatures of nature could not sense it until time had abandoned them, their uneasiness in the hours leading up to the calamity the only harbinger of the events that were about to unfold.

There was an intense light, its' luminescence dwarfing that of our own Sun. Thunder clapped and storms raged, signaling the arrival of the messenger of our ruin. I watched with horror as the ground quaked beneath my feet in protest to the massive destruction that scourge had wrought upon the Earth, unmercifully overshadowing even the most powerful weapons man had ever brought into existence. Dumbfounded, I stood paralyzed as a cloud of debris approached from the horizon, devastating everything in its path. It approached, and as it did I watched as trees were uprooted, and buildings were toppled. In less than a moment it was upon me. I was flung backwards through the door which I had emerged from against the wall behind me. With my last few moments of consciousness, I observed my dwelling collapsing around me. Everything became dark.

I stumbled around finally catching my bearings. I scanned the small tomb that my home had created to protect me and found the smallest sliver of light, struggling to fight through the darkness. I followed it, seeking an outlet. I pushed on the area from which the light originated, pieces of debris crumbling and falling away, widening the gap to the outside world. After several minutes of concerted effort I had managed to free myself. No man could have been prepared for the scene that awaited his gaze upon exiting my chamber. Nothing stood, not a tree, not a building, nothing. There was noting left of what was once my roost, now only a smoldering mound, its' only use being protecting me from this ruin. All that remained as far as my eye could ascertain was scorched earth. Instinctively, I found myself checking my watch. Through the cracked glass the struggling hands informed me that four days had past in my hibernation, although I hesitate to trust it, as if time mattered anymore.

My choice was made for me, without concern for my own preferences. There was nothing left of what I had come to know as familiar. I would have to go, I had to try and find something left of civilization, others who had survived. I salvaged what paltry amount that I could, tattered clothing, food that had not spoiled, and what fresh water I could and set off toward the epicenter of the devastation, a move born from the desire to see what, if anything, was left, as well as to seek out clues as to where I may find habitation and companionship.

I wandered for two days, eating and sleeping only when I deemed it safe, and never for long enough. This place was no longer the place I had known, it was now foreign and as such I treated with the healthy amount of respect fitting for the unknown. It was on the third night, shortly after I had settled to regain my strength, when I had my first contact with another living thing. Torpor had upstaged me, and I had settled into an uneasy slumber. I had left the fire I had created burning, not needing to fear its' escape and loss of control. I had not slept long when, to the sound of rustling and cracking sticks, I was awakened to find a creature attempting to abscond with my supplies. I remained motionless observing it by firelight. It had a stooped posture, large slightly pointed ears, as well as a large nose. It gabbered to itself in an incoherent and immature way. I righted myself, to the surprise of the creature, who was immediately upon me, tearing at my face and throat, with its long spindly fingers. We wrestled and I, eventually gaining the upper hand was able to reach for my bag. Feeling around, my hands came upon the handle of my hammer, which I drew from my bag and used to strike the creature down. No rest would grant me visitation for the remainder of that night, and so I remained alert, refusing to believe that the creature was alone, and even if it was, that it would remain as it was.

I examined the creature in more detail at daybreak. It appeared that at one time it had been human, though I would hesitate to call it such now. It had been lost to dementia and had acted no better than an animal simply fighting for its' life and survival in the face of the cataclysm. In this case I had come out on top, but I would have to be more careful as future encounters would not necessarily afford me the same outcome. My assailant had nothing of value on their person and so I moved on, my pilgrimage continuing on the next day without event.

As my journey continued I found evidence of activity, not only of small groups, but what looked like battles, which had no doubt occurred after the disaster, as those left alive fought for resources. Everywhere there were signs of revolution and revolt, reprisals and retaliations, retorts and reparations, as well as the loss of reason and rational thinking. There was no life to be found here, only the remains of those who had lost their grip on reality. Eventually I came upon what they must have been fighting over. It was a small bunker that had weathered the destruction that had taken place around it. Although the likelihood that it still contained anything of use was tenuous at best, hope persuaded me to look.

It was as I had suspected, the building had been stripped bare. I searched around until I came upon a pair of creatures, not dissimilar to the one that had attacked me earlier squabbling and jittering over an indistinguishable object. Judgment advised I leave them be, but as I turned to leave I disturbed an empty can that had been abandoned on the floor at my feet. The creatures immediately ceased their infighting, searching for the source of the disturbance, and upon locating it began to move towards me. They moved forward, shrieking what I can only assume were insults, slanders, and warnings, as I dare not try and comprehend their language. Searching my pockets I was able to produce a firecracker, which I had been using to light fires, quickly lit it and hurled it at the pair. Curiously, they picked it up and examined it until it exploded in one of their hands, sending them screaming away from me. Now that they were gone my attention turned to that which they had had their confrontation over. A small book, more like a diary, and not much use to the creatures who were previously battling for it. As I skimmed through it, it seemed as thought it were exactly what I had been seeking. It described a community, both existing before, and rebuilding in the aftermath of the cataclysm, where people were attempting to rebuild their lives together. I took the book for further examination and moved on.

In the next day and a half I came upon the epicenter of the disaster. Everywhere there were signs of struggle, fighting among those that had lost their ability to reason and those who vehemently defended theirs. I looked around, perusing the devastation this event had caused. I found little to warrant my continued visitation and so finally, after several days of travel and countless hardships, I left one final memorandum in hopes that those who should pass this should see it and know what happened. I moved on, seeking the community that the little book had given me hope to search for, a place where reason and community can overcome dementia and chaos. The means by which you have come across my story are irrelevant. What is important is that I have found that place and we have begun to rebuild. Seek us out and you will find a place where you are welcomed. We must all work together if we are to rebuild our world, so join us as we prepare for the rebirth of our world and pray that another event such as this never happens again.
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