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5 Bands i want in rockband network, NOW!!!

Hello! This is gonna be a pretty informal post.
while Im putting the finishing touches on my BFBC2 review for the pc, I thought I'd put forth a couple rock band related posts, with the network still semi-new, here is a list of bands that I really thing deserve to get on the whole RB bandwagon. Without further adue, lets get this rolling!

Songs: Deliverance, Reverie/Harlequin Forest, The Lotus Eater

Reverie/Harlequin Forest

Why: The Guitar, the bass, the drums, oh what a complete package this band is. Not only would most songs be a complete devil horns difficulty all around, but each song, with enough riffs in one song to fill a 'top 40' bands entire album, is interesting. Jazz, blues, and of course Metal all abound in each song, make this prog rock band, a no brainer for Rock Band.

Why not: Length, Opeth songs are usually long, as in the 10 minute to a epic 20 minute black rose immortal. Although personally, i love this band, others may be put off by the sheer time amount needed to play just one song, when you might be able to play 3 others.

2.Protest the hero
Songs:A plateful of dead,No Stars Over Bethlehem,Sequoia Throne

Sequoia Throne

Why: They are pure skill. Insane guitar sweeps, bumping bass lines, crazy drum rhythms, incredibly varied vocals. Its the complete package. Your fingers well cramp after just a few riffs, your feet ache from the relentless double kick drum, all the while, some how meshing together to maintain a coherent song, and not to mention, pretty dam catchy.

Why not: Random. Plain and simple. Just listen to one of their songs and you'll understand. While personally, i love how unpredictable the songs are, allot of people seemed to be put off by it.

Songs:Sampo,From the Heaven of my heart


Why: It's the piano. Angelic, beautiful, i don't know the correct word to describe it, but it's awesome. It's the piano that makes the songs unique compared to other similar bands.

Why not: It's the piano. They have quite allot of it in each song, where other rockband songs took long breaks for piano parts, I'm not a big fan of those, and to have lot's of breaks like that in songs, might not be the best thing.

4.Maylene and the sons of disaster
Songs:Memories of the Grove,Wylie(sorry couldn't find a non-live)

Memories of the Grove

Why: Southern hardcore, it's awesome. It's not in the game yet, and it would be awesome to a fresh injection of a new type of music. Using 3 guitars to create a unique sound, Maylene would fit perfectly within rock band.

Why not: I can't think of a reason why! THEY ROCK!

5.Sum 41(woah woah woah, calm down)
Songs:Pain for Pleasure

Pain for Pleasure

Why: Classic 80's speed metal!

Why not: ...it's sum 41(I don't like them, at all, except for this one song)
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