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EUFNF One of the many reasons why I love Destructoid

My first time participating in the European Friday Night Fights was on the 25th of September last year... and hell has it been an epic time!

First I have to tell you that I never really was into online gaming before that point. Sure, I played the occasional Free to play MMORPG and sometimes a round of Team Fortress 2. When I first chose to participate in the EUFNF, I was not really an experienced online player, and wanting to host something on the Wii was not really successful. So, I switched over to Steam and Team Fortress 2.

Enter Tarvu, the one guy I have played on a quite regular base on EUFNF up until now. Together we have had quite some adventures... in TF2 I healed him, because, well, that's what I do in Team Fortress 2... In Left 4 Dead he helps me up as soon as I fall down, which quite frankly, happens way to often. He also has developed a very deep love for cars...

The guy with the hat is also a regular, especially when Tarvu is sleeping, which sometimes happens, you know? He and Tarvu have a tendency to survive Left4Dead campaigns when everybody (me) is dead... We always have an epic time together!

Now, the Great Council of the EUFNF (pretty much Tarvu, the guy with the hat and me) have decided to promote EUFNF more heavily, because we need PEOPLE. PEOPLE FROM EUROPE to be specific (although we do not really discriminate anybody).
So, you got time on Fridays or, heck, even on Saturdays (EU Saturday Night Fights confirmed!)? You happen to live somewhere in Europe? Or just wanna join? Then enter our great council! You'll find us in the Destructoid Steam Chat or PM us here. Heck, just write here in the comments!!! Or at least keep your eyes open for Gibbo's Blog posts!

I'm 100000% certain, that you will enrich the European Community on Destructoid!!!

Also, Cocks!
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