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Impressions of my Freshly-Picked Nintendo Wii: A Whole Review


So, I guess that's it. My hands hurt a bit after typing this, but I still need to give some points.

This is my first direct encounter with the deal with motion controls that is not in store demos or in someone else's console. And over all... yeah, I like the deal of motion controls, I guess.

The Wii is not perfect, it has some layout design issues and the control as 1:1 it is, its not 100% accurate with your actual movements, as far I can tell with Wii Sports Resort at least. I mean... they detect where you move your remote control with impressive accuracy, but it still could need tightening some bolts.

The features and additional gimmicks actually caught my attention. I am not going to use all of them but I can imagine checking them every now and then.

As for the family dedicated experience, it sort of lures my family, but not as I expected. I always wanted my sisters and parents to play with me sometimes, but since the GameCube era I became the game loner under the roof as everyone else was too busy with their boring lives with jobs or super serious school assignments. Fortunately most of my family members picked it up to try a bit and make a Mii. Mom was very impressed by the table tennis and archery games, and she is not easy to impress when is about videogames because everyone always goes like "well, it is your stuff and you know more about it than we do, so whatever ok". Hopefully when I go back to my apartment, my family will keep playing and not just forget it is there in the living room. I want them to play even if it's for a little moment certain times a week. But maybe it is also because I still need more controllers. Better find some and cheap.

As for me, I can see a lot coming now. I am much more excited about Red Steel 2 now if the controls manage to be tight enough, the trope of japanese spaghetti western is already covering my excitement. I should also check out No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Super Mario Galaxy, Okami, Punch-Out!!, and every other awesome game out there.

The Nintendo Wii, again, is not perfect. It has some minor flaws in presentation, but the fun is there. The features are handy even though not entirely necessary, friend codes... are not good, we NEED an account system like the Steam, XBLA or PSN. The library, of course, is flooded with bad quality, don't be a dumb ass picking up any title you see in the shelf like in any console or your PC.

I also want to ask: whyyyyyy is everyone so melodramatic about motion sensing? I am liking it so far. I sure could get tired, but we also got titles with optional movement, so there is no actual excuse to negate its philosophy.

Don't be fooled by the extreme negativity! It is a great system, give it a chance! You could miss a lot of stuff with the exclusives too. Definitely deserves some space in your living room.

PS: Give me yo friend codes, guys! I added mine to the column on the right!
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