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Some Cakes and a Poem for Dtoid's Bday


Enough carboloading for now, onto some sappy stuff.

I came across Destuctoid over 3 years ago, and became a member a little over 2 years back. Don't recall how i came across it...Probably linked to by Kotaku and i was hooked. The articles felt real and from people who got it, not to mention full of humor and personality. I got welcomed in near instantly and try to do the same myself when i get the chance.

So here's a look back at some favorite memories I have here in Poem form...

An Ode to Destructoid

Destructoid was here, long before I joined
The backstory was clever and very well coined.

The fresh nature made me care about gaming again
Since G4 had become shit in a can.

Joining Genki and Kraid for Shitty Movie Nights.
Enjoying myself Fighting on Friday Nights,

Tweeting with the Dtoid Twittering Crew,
Sharpless and Electrolemon and Gatorsax too.

Entering contests to try and win Swag
Never got the Brutal Legend Prizes, but it's not a big drag.

Laughing with Sterling and Wardox on Podcastle
Before it collapsed and left many a bruised Asshole.

Listening to Podtoid and laughing out loud,
Hearing Samit defend Sports and sounding proud

Watching The Burches, Asking what Ash is playing,
Loving Geraldo Beedog's Journalism Show lack of Journalizing

I would do more shout outs,
but I don't think i can rhyme much more.

A few names do come to mind, Such as Conrad, Hamza, Grim, Neiro,
the Brads, the Jonathans, Nick, Collete and Chad Concelmo

I love Destructoid and can't wait to meet
anyone here in the flesh on the street.

We're like a family here.
One gaming community to beat.


Hope you liked that, and if not o well.

Dtoid feels like family to me and I hope to be here for a long time
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