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An Explanation [NVGR]

[Disclaimer: This blog does not represent the views or opinions of Enkido as he exists in a sane state and he cannot be held responsible for the content expressed in this article. For real, he is very hung over at the moment. Also, cocks.]

Okay, so I woke up this morning with a huge hangover and decided I would be taking it easy today. I went on Destructoid and caught up on all the latest vidjya game news. Seeing as I also like to keep up with what the community is doing, I hit up that oh so useful little tool, the c-blog recaps. Normally what I do is check the Topsaucetoid, skim the rest looking for community members I recognize or titles that interest me, and then laugh at the failtoids. It was a revelation to me this morning that yesterday I had written a blog, and in fact that blog had become my first failtoid.

Well, I guess it deserves an explanation. I was very inebriated for a large majority of yesterday. As for what I was drinking, sweet Jesus what wasn't I drinking. We had everything from Grey Goose, Crown Royal, and some very good German stouts, to Bud Light and $4 gas station hobo sweat. I'm not even sure what the hobo sweat was but I'm fairly certain when you hit the $4 mark it all tastes like jet fuel anyway. It was a learning experience, mostly that I can't type long words like alcoholic to save my life when I'm destroyed. For those of you who were gentle with my incapacitated self, thanks. Occam, thanks for the sandwich, you to Beyamor, I'm sure it was delicious. If any of you need me to hold your hair back while you pray to the porcelain god just let me know.

Those of you who read that blog may have noticed that it was somewhat of a return. Life, needy whore that it is decided to throw down the gauntlet and bitch slapped me about 3 weeks into the future, where I am writing to you from now. What happened to me during the time skip? A condensed list can be found below. My apologies if it is not very comedic or witty.

Some things that happened:


This is a video game blog so I figure I should include some video games. When I did have free time during this hiatus, this is what I was doing. A female friend of mine who is incredibly awesome, and lives nine hours away from me (Fuck), imported the Japanese version for my birthday and Christmas, which happen to be three days apart. I swore to myself that I would beat it before the NA/PAL release date, and actually I beat it yesterday. I plan on putting up a blog about some things you can expect in the game, not really a review, I'm way to lazy for that, but just some things I noticed. I like the added challenge playing a game in a language I can't read brings. Although it is not the best in the series in my opinion, it is up there with the best of them.

TLDR summary: I'm back, good to be here, some stuff happened, sorry about the drunk post.
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