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Aaron Linde's secret life!

Aaron Linde has been fooling many of us for years now, making up stories like he hates Ocarina of Time and that he made Boner Quest. There all lies to cover up his true secret, He's been leading a secret life for a while now and I have been following him and have now obtained PROOF of his big secret. That secret is that...

Aaron Linde is gay with a fat bald guy!

Which one is Which, I dare you to tell me because I know your going to get it wrong because CLEARLY they ARE the same person! Aaron of course made it hard to find two alike photos by dying his hair and shaving his beard amongst other things but I think this comparison shot is enough to prove to everybody that it TRULY is true.

That's right folks, Aaron Linde is TRULY gay with a fat bald man, your secret is out Aaron Linde, or should I say Gayron Lingay!
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