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Why we fight- Part 2

After posting my blog(see "why we fight") i realized that i did not cover all the reasons to fight in my uncolpelte uncut rate.Now i will

I, and presumbaly everyone ,play multiplayer for the glory, the rush of killing your foes and saying what now yeah suck my big hariy balls while crouch reapeatly over his dead bodie, thats right you do it , i do it we all do it . We as humas are very compeitive and multiplayer is taking it to another level.I don't care if you work good with a team , you are acuturly nice, or don't yell explitives into the mic.Try not to yell HEADSHOT BITCH DID YOU SEE THAT!!! when you pull of a no scope from point blank . Thats right even you can be a douche bag but what matters is to what extent .no one likes a sore loser and noone likes a d_ bag keep that in mind when playing(if you like this kind of game play check out the fair playing society on steam to see more).

You are traped there is no way out ,you have two and a half bullets and one battery to your flash ligh.
You surrived the last wave but will your surrvied the next?
This bye far ,is my favortie reason to fight, the feeling or being over welomed it intoxicating a fear that can not be replacted , these games never feel dry you know why you are fight it is them or you weather it be zombie muntants or hordes of flaming chainswaw welding clowns you can't get enough of this.

this is just to make you feel like your life is totaly wasted , nothing says job well done liek the little bannre across the bottom of your screen that says you unlocked some impossible feat congrates , time for the next one

Pure vilonce
sometims you just like to blow yor oppants to shreds while imagining your "favortite person 's"head one their body , or like my dad just ranfomly walk into my room pick up my controller and beat the newest call of duty game, i don't belvive yuo are focusing on the story, but you just want to have fun

well thats prettymusch all i can think of .Any more ideads? post them in the comments i have no life so i will check them every day almost.

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