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Vanquish (Mikami HD game) new details

Vanquish, Shinji Mikami's upcoming HD project, recently got some press in Famitsu, where we got some scans for a handful of in-game images.

The game is confirmed to be a third-person shooter, and in particular, when Shinji was asked to describe the game, he simply replied, "Shooter." Before you raise the pitchforks and torches, Shinji continued by saying he didn't want to make a normal, run-of-the-mill shooter, and instead wanted to capture a feeling of speed and good tempo, and "something flashy."

He said rather than focus entirely on spraying bullets, the game would focus on flow and rhythm to the action; and he also said that in the game's boss battles, the game would be more of an action game than a shooter.

Mikami also is incorporating a focus on close-quarters combat, allowing you a boost meter to quickly close the distance with your foe, and giving you a large arsenal of melee attacks and even a Bullet Time special ability.

The game's setting is obviously in the near future, and Mikami designed it as a sort of future parallel to the Cold War, where the Americans and Russians are squaring off yet again. In this futuristic world, robots are the mainstay of armies, and actual human combatants are few.

Definitely gets me excited, Platinum Games has not steered me wrong yet this generation.

Famitsu scans and Famitsu Interview via AndriaSang
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