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Why we fight

I, in my 13 years of life, have played many games and all of them have included conflict.Some times we were fighting for freedom, the weak,or sometimes just to surrvive,but none of it was valid it all seemed like it was just for the hell of it. They were the enemies that is why we fought them , and for no other reason.This seemed fine ,but recently I played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and ,as most of you know, this game was controversial for it's "No Russian " mission. Some say this mission was un called for and uneeded,but for me it did what nothing else valadated the fighting for now i knew what i was fighting for and every time I said Makarov it was with a anger and bad taste on my tongue , i truely wanted to kill this bastard.And then there was sherpeard who kiulled us for personal gain while there was urgent matters at hand, he was a threat to me getting my man so i gladly killed him.I aplaud infintay ward for invoking such feelings and can't wait to play there next game
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