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My lack of imag(es/ination)


Less a blog and more of an explanation. I'm not the most imaginative person I know. I lack creativity and this is probably why I haven't previously included images in my topics. I don't know if the people who have read my few blogs think that having pictures may benefit the blogs, or be unnecessary.

I don't think bad writing can be made up for with an image, so maybe my posts are best left without pictures. I don't know.

Another thing is that most cblogs I've visited have had an awesome header image. Or at least some sort of one. I don't currently, as mine has been in development since before I bothered to scrawl down my thoughts on the reviewer hate. My vision is simple, just I fail at the execution. I doubt it'll ever be done, which is a shame, but not on the same scale as something that matters. Like getting into Uni or something.

I really should stop writing stuff when tired.
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