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God of War 3 Demo Impressions

It has been a year since I played the first and second God of War games. I liked them quite a lot and I was really impressed by what they did with the limited hardware of the PS2. Because of that, I've been following media coverage for God of War 3 with a certain interest and I was quite happy when I was able to download the Demo today. Five minutes ago, I finished playing it and I want to share my impressions of it.

First of all, Graphics, Sound and music are impressive. Since this is still the E3 demo, my guess is that everything could be improved for the retail release, but it is already fine the way it can be found in the demo. Everything in the game seems big for appropriate reasons, and the feeling is quite epic, just like the two first games. This also means that the immersion from the first games is still intact and still works.

Gameplay is really similar to the first two God of Wars. This is good for the most part, but I already felt a lack of variation. The Fight-System still works, but the moves are quite identical to everything that we have already seen. The new weapons somewhat lack character and/or variety, but this may be due to the short nature of the demo.

My biggest problem with this game is the unnecessary amount of violence. It normally does not hurt a game to be violent, but sometimes I feel like games confuse the notions of „mature“ with „violence“. This degree of violence does not give me an impression of a mature story being told. This only gives me the impression that the games desperately tries to get your attention. The attention it will get for its violence will come from 12-year-olds who dig that stuff and from the german/australian banhammer. If I have to slam the head on an innocent person into a wall in order to proceed in a game, than that is not only stupid, but also saddening. Gamers already got that Kratos is a sick bastard. You do not need to further reinforce this!

People complained about Dante's inferno constantly showing violence and tits in order to be „mature“.
My guess is, that this won't happen with God of War 3 because the quality of the product is higher. Most will look past this blatant pretentiousness, but my hope is that at least some will take notice...
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