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Room of Doom/Gaming Setup (LOOONG, Pic Heavy)


So finally got around to doing a setup blog :P It's gonna be pic heavy :< And possibly wordy :P Oh and sorry for the slightly off angle and not amazing photography :< I always take bad pictures ;p Well that said here it is!

Oh and there's a fair bit of stuff I decided to leave out for when it's all done, but still the meat of it is there ;p

I'm gonna start off with the bins, since it's the only part of my collection I'm gonna get rid off eventually.

Favorites - Too many :P Smash, Winback, MK64, Starfox, SM64
If you're wondering about the boxes they're plastic clamshells made to hold geni/snes/n64 carts with end labels I printed out. I forgot where I bought em from but they sold em in packs of 100, so I have a few left ^^.

I'm not sure what I want to do with the shelf above it, possibly for my Virtual Boy games (of which I only have 2 atm).

That's pretty much it! It's by no ones complete, there's PLENTY of games I want to buy and other epic stuff to add to it! Look for an update in I dunno, a year or two ^^ Thanks for lookin!

If your interested in reading/seeing more about the figure related stuff visit my the extended version of the blog on dtoid's sister site tomopop! -> http://tomopop.com/post.phtml?pk=11325&un=dao2

And as always, thanks for the great sites.
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