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The new gaming rig (Why? Because No One Demanded It!)

So I got my tax return back and decided it was time to update my PC. I had built my old one about 3 years ago and figured now was a good a time as any. I kept it to the basics. Since this new generation has a new CPU system from Intel I would need a new motherboard, in this case an ASUS P7P55D Pro. A new CPU, an Intel i5 750. I decided to go with the i5 rather than the i7 as it was about a hundred cheaper and not a huge difference in performance save for Hyper Threading. Then came the memory, 4 gigs of 1600 DDR3 ram. I went with four instead of six because the 1156 motherboards do not support tri channel ram so I just went with dual. And lastly I got two graphics cards. ATI Radeon HD 4850 1gb ones. I usually go with nVidia for my cards but this time around I wanted a bit more power for less money and two ATI in Crossfire mode was cheaper and performed better than a single nVidia at around the same price. The rest of the stuff like a case, power supply, keyboard, monitor, etc. I had already and didn't need to upgrade those. Below are some pics. Also I don't yet have the Crossfire bridge in yet as my cards did not come with one so I am only running on one card right now. Why XFX left those out I don't know. But just on that one card i was about to get over 3 times the score on 3dMark06 than I did on my old system. A major improvement there. I hope to not have to upgrade this thing again for at least another three years. Total cost was roughly 800 dollars for the whole shebang.

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