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The Random Show #1: Rants, Music, Monster Hunter 3, etc...

So, this is my... 5th blog? (oh, nevermind), And I want to make something called, THE RANDOM SHOW, some random stuff for you, or for me, or for whatever...

Click Here...



Remember the Blog I posted last time?...

If you not, Click here...

Because now i'm gonna still touch the Rage Quitter theme, and with a video:

Thats all the RQ disscussion...



Help me!

Ok, im going in a trip and I need a playlist to calm down myself... So, Im asking your help, Post 10 songs here (Rock Songs, not pop), and I'll make one playlist to hear... I will post their names of the blogs too..



Why Monster Hunter 3 Is a Nintendo Exclusive

Theres a lot of reasons of why MH3 is a Ninty Exclusive I'm gonna say some, and you decide what do you think...

1- I'ts Build up for the wii: The Game got an excluvie graph motor for the wii, so the console can do a maximun potential to the graphs...

2- Nintendo is the Publisher on West: No comments here, Nintendo is giving a hand to Capcom. In exchange, exclusive rights to MH3.

3- (and more important) Nintendo paid the bucks: Nintendo paid a TON of money for the exclusive, a TON It needs more exclusives, and this game is strong enough to be...

And thats it... I Hope you enjoyed the read... Stay in touch... And go to my twit... Oh, hell... Should I do this now?... Ok...

http://twitter.com/Janotwitt -----> TWEET!
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Hi, I'm Jano from Chile, 21 years old, an avid Hardcore Gamer, I play fighting games and massive multiplayer games not MMO's and I'm also part of the FGC (Fighting Game Community), I'm a fan of CM Punk and I am a straight edge guy.

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