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Why "Why X is not a real Y" is not a real meme

This is a response to certain members. I figure this is a great meme for my first blog about how it is not a meme.

Processing Power
Processing power does not just equal better hilarity. If it did, that would be fine. But "Why X is not a real Y's" puny processing power can't even handle hilarious shoops. If it did, my blog would have pictures, and people would love it so much more. In addition, other memes like "10 Things You Didn't Know About Me" had numbered lists, but "Why X is not a real Y" would crash if numbers were added. This is science.

"Why X is not a real Y" is not in the same market as "Hamzakah" and "I hugged"
It is being offered to a specifically different audience. That's what market means! You can't tell me that people who are int things like this:

want to be told about why something that's a thing isn't that thing that it is. If you really consider yourself a "memer" who likes serious memes (Not just gritty realistic ones, but ones of all spectrums that offer a rewarding meming experience) you'd realize and abandon it. If for no other reason to make as much of an impact as you can on the betterment of meming.

"Why X is not a real Y" is making serious meming worse
Like I said earlier, this meme can't handle funny shoops. For example, I normally do a quick-and-dirty shoop for fun on my meme blogs, but because this one is happening at 3 in the morning when I should be doing other, more important things, I can't be arsed to try. Other memes didn't have that effect on me. Also, it makes me use British slang like "can't be arsed." More proof of its sinister effects on me. And memes. And me memes.

This audio clip sums it up nicely.

This is my argument for why you should abandon it and trade up for one of the better memes.
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