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More details of Wii game Xenoblade: Grab your pants...


Due to the amount of information has leaked about this game in the last hours, I decided to create a new story, explaining only the details that come from the pages of Famitsu, where the creator has been discussing several aspects. Known in the West as Monado: Beginning of the World since last E3, Xenoblade is presented as a classic-style RPG, developed by Monolith Soft's boys, under the watchful eye of its director, the renowned Tetsuya Takahashi, creator of the series Xenosaga.

First, Takahashi said that despite the name so similar, Xenoblade bears no relation to the world of the Xenosaga series, and therefore not a new installment in the series. "The world, history and other elements are unrelated. It is a completely new title, "said Takahashi. The name was a "tribute" to Takahashi, explaining the name, confirmed that "Xeno" has the meaning of "singularity", and as for "Blade", said he hoped to play the title to find out.

He asserts that this project is being conducted looking at the origins of RPGs, and they try a game that simply enjoy the adventure. The story begins thousands of years in the past, where two giant gods, waging a tough battle. The Xenoblade world, and although it seems impossible, is located above the dead bodies of those gods. This idea came at a meeting of a past project Monolith (Soma Bringer), so that quickly went into his study to prepare a document with this idea.

By Famitsu and its official website, we can see an artwork of that battle, where we see two giant gods, fighting with swords. This sketch was made even before starting development, commenting that "it was of great help in explaining the project to Nintendo." The terrestrial world is located on such bodies, while the rest is simply Tues Still, do not expect a small world, because Takahashi compared with the territory of Japan. Is far greater than it seems ...

The world from which the protagonist, is located in one of the gods. In the body of this being, there has been organic life, whether human, monsters and other creatures. On the contrary, in the body of another god, life has occurred, but this time mechanics. "It's very simple, it is a struggle against mechanical life, which threatens world peace." It seems that the central part of the story, will be a battle between humans and machines.

To simplify things a bit, Monolith will include tracks in the game, to help in the main story or missions that are unrelated to the story. There will be a kind of carriage which we will return to areas already visited. This is really necessary, given the size of the world. "We thought to show a living world, we needed an overwhelming sense of extension, as found on the MMORPG". The exploration of the world, is one of the main attractions of Xenoblade for Wii, where we can find areas of great beauty.

About the battle system, we'll see the enemies, and we can fight them. But be careful, because if there are enemies nearby, will join the battle, so interested, to fight in sparsely populated areas. We will not be alone, for accompanying our hero, there are two other characters controlled by the console. The adventure will last about 50 or 60 hours, long enough to justify its purchase.

Scans from Famitsu are here

Source: dswii.es
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