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A little rhyme/poem inspired by Dante's Inferno

After spending some time on Dante's Inferno in hellish mode (hard as hell for me), these words came to me. Hope you enjoy!


Got the golden gift but everything I touch turns from a stone setting into facial reconstruction
That can only be molded by the emulsion of blistered sleep walking
No souls just incandecent light bulbs who would like you to believe there is no higher order no higher
But I've seen through the puppets followed the strings
All the way up to the Gepetto who lost all faith and wants others to drown in his misery
Can't believe how many are still listening to these false prophets
Guard your heart or you will lose it

Don't speak from the seat of a saint far from it
I'll be welcomed at hell's gates but they won't realize I'm here to burn this motherfucker down
Will not go quitely into the darkness I'll hold my lantern high to light the way for other travelers on the path
to redemption
Set myself on fire to become the beacon if needed
Be the last one leaving hell still breathing

J.Hart 02/13/10

Maybe when I finally unpack all of my music stuff, I'll put some sounds to it and share.

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