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My Expertise: Being the underdog


But all of this began on a Super Nintendo Entertainment System in a lowly American living room in the 90s. It was me and my brother playing a usual match of Street Fighter II. My brother would always pick either Vega (Claw) or Zangief while, being too young to really comprehend the moves, I chose Ryu. To me Ryu was just some amazing guy who had the ability to shoot out balls of fire and also turn into a helicopter. Even though he was so amazing, I would always lose. How could a guy who could shoot out fire be beaten by someone who could just climb fences or a brute? I could not answer that. Then one day I decided to actually watch what he was doing. I started to learn what he would always do and how to use Ryu's moves. Then I started beating him time after time because he always had the same game plan. I then started to use this against my friends and my eyes were open. Everyone had their own mindset and I had to learn it to win.It has continued since then and progressed into something that just comes naturally to me.

I might not get you the first couple of times, but watch out, I'm right behind you.
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