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The Obscurer Tribune # 32


I知 tempted to turn this publication into a 24/7 vigil following every tidbit of info on the DeathSmiles localization, but I値l control myself and continue to recap a wide selection of obscure gaming news. For now. So read up, until I知 no longer able to control my shmup-centric tendencies!


Just when it looked like things were solidifying, more shenanigans regarding the release of Ketsui X while people have been receiving confirmations of the date from retailers, two recent blog posts from one of the guys involved with the troubled 360 port apparently says that the April release date mentioned last issue is not accurate. Arrgh, I give upalso, the long-awaited patch for DoDonPachi Dai-ou-Jou Black Label X, which was supposed to be out by now, has apparently been delayed yet again.

On a brighter note, we致e got another trailer for the 360 port of ESPGaluda II to drool over before the game is released later this month be sure to note the footage of 鄭rrange mode, with the dark red bullets. Famitsu has apparently also revealed the presence of a separate 徹make mode, though how it works has yet to be revealed. There痴 also an achievements list, though only Japanese readers can make much sense of it.

As readers already know, the US is getting a localized version of DeathSmiles which includes the 溺ega Black Label DLC for free Japanese gamers don稚 have to be too sore, though, as they池e getting a 撤latinum version of the game which is not only reduced in price but also includes that same DLC. Late adopters, you池e once again running out of excuses!

Now here痴 a rarely-seen shooter concept, from Tecmo of all people (haven稚 seen you boys in this genre for awhile) the company痴 upcoming DSiWare title, aptly dubbed Reverse Shooting, puts you in control not of a lone star fighter, but of all the opposing space baddies, and tasks you with stopping the hero (who can be controlled by Player 2 if you池e in a competitive mood). Heck, it even tells you to actually flip the DS upside-down to play by the time you read this the game should already be out in Japan, I値l keep an eye open for any possible localization news.

NG:DEV Team, the guys behind Last Hope are releasing another Neo-Geo shmup project, this time a vertical scroller titled Fast Striker. Check out some magazine scans (in German) here and here there will apparently be both a full-fledged arcade version and a 田onsumer edition, each boasting three modes with different scoring systems a la Mushihime-sama. Opinions on Last Hope are somewhat mixed hopefully they can appeal to a wider audience this time around.

I don稚 have a link for this one, but word on the street is that Raystorm HD has finally received a release date of February 24th will post confirmation when/if it shows up.

No actual gameplay footage to be found here, but you値l still end up watching this exceedingly manly Cho Aniki Zero: Muscle Brothers promotional music video.

Unless my memory fails me the Tribune featured an item on XBLA Indie shmup Shoot 1Up a few issues back, but now the front page has an item on it as well, so, um, look at it again!

Last issue I posted a link to the first shmup-centric episode of podcast 198x lo and behold, if you head over to their site the second and third parts of the series are now up and ready for download, as they move into to the genre痴 modern era and pontificate about the future. On the local front, Jedah Doma posted his latest episode of 鉄ubstance TV, which includes a review of Mushihime-sama Futari.

A couple of Tohou figures over at Tomopop that I was a bit late in spotting a cheerful-looking Marisa and a chibi-style Sakuya.

Make sure to follow the link in this article to a translated Capcom blog post which goes into the process of finalizing Street Fighter IV痴 overall art style, one character at a time. Some interesting stuff in there, take some time to have a look. There are also a dozen more screens of the game to check out, mostly featuring Rose and Sakura.

Here痴 one I probably should have been keeping a closer eye on, but better late than never in case you hadn稚 seen it before, take a gander at an in-progress doujin (I think) 2-D fighter called Yatagarasu. It still looks a bit rough at this stage, but supposedly at least one former SNK staffer is on the development team, so hopefully it値l turn out well.

Last issue linked readers to a bunch of spruced-up screens and such for the 360 port of NeoGeo Battle Coliseum this issue, you can have some more.

You already knew that Dead or Alive Paradise would probably end up with an 溺 rating, and could likely take a good guess at the basic sort of write-up that the ESRB would give it you might not have figured, however, that they壇 go so far as to include the words 田reepy, 澱izarre, and 杜isguided, among others. (DToid coverage here.) Apparently neither did some of the higher-ups at the organization, as the description was soon taken down. (DToid coverage here.)

I mentioned XBLA puzzler 0D Beat Drop around these parts some time ago why am I bringing it up again here in the 吐ighters section, you ask? Because the game is getting some BlazBlue skins as DLC, that痴 why. Also, while I doubt that anyone thought a home port of BlazBlue:Continuum Shift was coming at some point, it looks like one may have been accidentally announced.

Any of you remember Photo Fighter X, that weird little DSiWare thing that lets you turn photos of yourself and your friends into playable (if rough) fighting game characters? Well, you might be able to pick it up without importing, as Nintendo痴 seemingly planning to bring the title overseas under the title Photo Dojo.

Wry Guy痴 revamp of his King of Fighters 鏑ove Letter posts continues, with a spit-and-polish job on the KoF 95 feature. Read these, dammit!

Probably in anticipation of the new stick being released for Super Street Fighter IV Amazon is discounting MadCatz痴 first batch of Tournament Edition joysticks, to the tune of about one-third off.

Two issues ago, the Tribune mentioned a prototype 鏑ightning Blanka statue that was being auctioned off, with the proceeds going to relief efforts in Haiti this article at Tomopop includes a link to said auction, which has by now ended, and raised nearly $2,700 in the process. Good show, everyone!

Perhaps not entirely fighting game-related, but still neat enough for an item here a group of fans has released a trailer for a Final Fight movie project they池e working on, and it actually doesn稚 look too bad at all. Definitely worth the time it takes to watch it. (DToid coverage here.)

The official site for 3D Dot Game Heroes has gone live, as has an ironically short trailer extolling the virtues of 渡atural sword enhancement. Looks like someone will need to make a facsimile of 鉄milin Bob in the game痴 character creator to complete the cycle. (DToid coverage here.)

A bit more info on some new features being added to the PSP port of Knights in the Nightmare aside from the new graphical touches, there are tutorial missions to ease newcomers in, as well as the ability to store and view past conversations with your Knights later on. Of course, most people are more concerned with how they値l get the basic mechanics to work on the new system (DToid coverage here). In other Sting-related news, Atlus is still working on getting the official site running proper, but in the meantime the first official blog for Hexyz Force has gone up on the forums if you want a look into some of the plot.

This should still probably go in the 杜isc. section instead, but whatever the important thing is that Disgaea Infinite, the visual novel/mystery offshoot of the SRPG series, is being localized by NISA, and should be available by May. I知 tempted by this, but as I致e said before I知 too stupid to actually succeed at any of these titles(DToid coverage here.) NIS had better hope that the thing sells well, considering that its operating profit is down to the tune of 97.5 percent of late.

A few small items on the pair of Wii RPGs first mentioned here last issue first off, it turns out that the decision to rename Monado: Beginning of the World to Xenoblade was actually Nintendo痴, not developer Monolith痴. Supposedly it was to 塗onor one of the creators, but I still say we池e looking at strained plot tie-ins. Also, it痴 been stated that the 鍍heme of Mistwalker痴 The Last Story is 鍍he universal theme of human emotion. Errokay!

Ar Tonelico III released in Japan recently, and received the country痴 equivalent of a 典 rating, much as its predecessors had judging by what痴 on display over here, though, one might wonder if the ESRB would think along the same lines if the game is localized, especially considering the above- mentioned ratings rant for Dead or Alive Paradise.

Some time ago, it was reported that an upcoming Natsume DS release titled Witch痴 Wish might be a localization of a Japanese 努itch training game known as Majo ni Naru well, it appears that those who guessed this was the case were correct. Little is still known (to me) about this title, but I get vibes of the Atelier games from it hopefully THAT guess also turns out to be right.

Tokyo Mono Hara Shi, aka 的 Can稚 Believe It痴 Not Persona!, has received a release date of April 22nd in Japan no word on whether anybody else can expect to see it.

I知 not a big MMO person (even if the sprites are cute), but I値l still link you to the front page痴 latest item on Ragnarok DS, which includes a trailer.

Click here for a trailer for the PSP port of Ys: Oath in Felghana immediately thereafter, begin hoping that it turns out better than the system痴 iteration of Ark of Napishtim, and thereafter comes here! Along with that combo pack of Ys 7 and the Book 1 + 2 compilation mentioned at the end

Speaking of 斗et痴 hope this turns out well on a portable system, another trailer has come out for the Lufia II remake on the DS boy, if it plays as good as it looks

NIS痴 Classic Dungeon is going to have its own character creator, wherein you can cook up and save up to 64 pixel-y critters at a timeof course, the samples given in the article are the usual Disgaea suspects.

Mognet Central has a pair of links to a 4Gamer feature on Absolute Hero Modding Project that includes a batch of screens and artwork. Two random thoughts on the 菟irate woman shown near the top of the first link 1) She reminds me a lot of Shark from Gunbird 2, and 2) Why does it seem that no female RPG character since FF7痴 Yuffie ever seems to remember to button her shorts up all the way?

I know nothing about this PSP RPG that the following link doesn稚 tell me, but just for the title alone I had to mention Legend of the Legendary Hero: Legendary Saga. Is this a promotional tie-in with Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire?

You should have bought Half-Minute Hero back when it first came out, but you didn稚, DID you? Well, if you池e only semi-evil as opposed to irredeemably evil you can now pick the game up at Gamestop for 20 bucks, as the store just dropped the price. Get on that!

Speaking of Gamestop, the 迭eally Naughty Edition of Record of Agarest War is now up for pre-order there no sign of a 途egular edition as of yet. Now, of course, the question becomes, 殿re you brave enough to pick up that thing in public? Well, I致e already thrown down the gauntlet for that one and reserved a copy now to prepare for the disapproving stares.

Recently the Tribune made mention of a new figure of Valkyria Chronicles担elvaria even more recently, Tomopop featured a full-fledged review of it.

So, Dr. Nick received some Muscle March briefs in the mail, and is giving them away to one of any number of people willing to pose in their own underwear and post it. You have no idea how conflicted I am right now.

Atlus 努alkthrough video series for Trauma Team marches on, with the latest installment focusing on the Orthopedics segments. Some bad news comes along with it, though the game痴 release has been delayed a month. (DToid coverage here.)

Just in case you, y談now, haven稚 noticed all of the really obvious graphics and stuff on the site, allow me to confirm that yes, Mr. Destructoid himself is guest-starring in Raskulls. He must be rather happy about it, as he痴 somehow bent his metal mouthpiece into a smile, after all!

The Tribune featured a brief item on Ivy the Kiwi?, a puzzle-platformer for mobile phones, a little while ago back then, I hoped out loud that the game would make it to the DS or some other more game-centric platform. Well, it looks like those wishes may well become reality, likely on DSiWare and WiiWare.

Atlus continues to build some hype for Xeno Clash: Ultimate Edition, posting another video showcasing some of your character痴 new moves, as well as a roundtable interview with some of the game痴 developers on their forums. (DToid coverage here.)

I thought that the Qix-esque Patchwork Heroes sounded like an interesting PSP proposition, and was glad to hear it announced for Western release if you池e in the same boat, check out some early impressions of the title.

If you haven稚 had the chance to play gravity-flipping platformer VVVVV, you might be interested to know that someone痴 made a bite-sized Java version, titled VVVV it痴 free to play, so follow the download link in the article if you池e curious.

Not sure how obscure The Behemoth is at this point, but I値l mention this anyway as the front page says, they致e finally revealed the title of their upcoming project as Battleblock Theater, and have offered up a trailer as well.

Not sure how obscure team Ico is these days either, but anyways there are some new screens up, along with a link to an official site, for The Last Guardian, so look now and wonder about the appropriateness of this placement later. (DToid coverage here.) You might also be interested to know that an announcement regarding the game is probably coming during one of the big shows later this year. (DToid coverage here.)

Over at the RosenQueen store, they池e having fans vote for their favorite of two possible Prinny-centric t-shirt designs if you want to do your part to influence the evolution of nerd apparel, head over there and cast your ballot.

New c-blogger FunWithBonus informs us of a pinball tournament in Pennsylvania that痴 going down tomorrow proceeds go to the local Humane Society, so drop by if you池e in the area. Even if you can稚 make it, check out the post for the pair of videos from last year痴 event some nifty machines in there! On the forums FWB has also posted up some footage of a different pinball tournament he attended back in 2008 not exactly contemporary stuff, but I still thought it was worth sharing. Head to this page, where it痴 embedded.


Back to the vigiland of course, once that one痴 over it値l be on to waiting with bated breath for the next Gust localization. Until then, thanks for reading and keep gaming obscurely.
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