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Please read a few thoughts that I have about the new Bit.Trip Runner videos


IGN posted some videos today of Gaijin Games' newest entry in the Bit.Trip series, Runner. Let me tell you, from the videos alone, I am kind of not impressed by how the game is coming along.

What I loved about the first three games in the series was that they were all so abstract. Each game was filled to the brim with absolutely beautiful abstract designs and patterns, they were so different from pretty much every other game on the market, and still are. But with Runner, it seems like Gaijin is abandoning what made the first games so different, and making just another videogame.

I apologize for coming off as such a rabid fanboy, but I'm a bit worried for my favourite downloadable game series at the moment. I'm sure the game will probably be amazing, and it will probably be just as fun (if not more) as Beat, Core, and Void. It just looks like Gaijin decided to make a platformer/music game, and literally just that. The graphics are repetative and boring, nothing really special. Commander Video also looks slightly retarded when he runs.

I know that the developers said that the 6-part series will represent the progression of the history of videogames themselves, so I guess this is how they decided to do that.

Who knows, maybe I'm just overreacting. I'm kind of having trouble putting my thoughts into words. But I have total trust in the guys at Gaijin Games, so I have no doubt the game will be a total blast when it comes out.


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