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May I Sell You a Bruce?


[UPDATED] So I still have a few items that didn't sell if anyone is still interested:
I have a 15 issue collection of Army of Darkness comics for $20.00 plus shipping.
An Evil Dead 4 issue collection for $10.00.
An Army of Darkness/Xena comic 4 issue collection for $10.00.
And finally an Autolycus figure - mint in box for $10.00.

Let me know if you are interested. [email protected]

I probably should have posted this a little early but I thought my auctions were going to do better on their own. Believe or not, I'm selling most of my Bruce Campbell collection on eBay - an incident with Mr. Campbell himself has caused me to rid my home of all the major Bruce items as I no longer wish to dedicate my life to worshiping an asshole celebrity that has no time for his fans.

So right now (10:13am EST), I have about 5 hours left on my auctions and some items don't even have bids yet, so please if any one is fan - check out the auctions.

I have action figures for sale from Army of Darkness, Bubba Ho-tep, Xena, etc. - both big and small
I'm selling the Ash Hero Doll.
I have film cells from Army of Darkness for sale that are framed and mounted.
I have a huge comic book collection for sale - Marvel Zombies, Army of Darkness, Jason vs Freddy vs Ash, Evil Dead, Xena vs Army of Darkness, My Name is Bruce, etc.

All at decent below the original purchase prices, cause honestly I just want them out of my house. If they don't sell on eBay, I will be offering them up privately so if you miss them on eBay and see that they don't sell, then PM me or email me @ [email protected]

Check out the auction here.
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