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Mass Effect 2 vs Half-Life 2?


A major twist in the game is similar to the one from the first game where you find out the Reapers built the Citadel and mass relays and not the Protheans. Turns out the Collectors are Protheans that the Reapers modified to be their slaves. Not only that but they are building another Reaper as it seems they had past civilizations do for them before. Each time they wipe out a civilization they have them build more Reapers for them it seems. So they grow and evolve with each new one they destroy. In fact the new Reaper being built looks like a human skeleton when you encounter it at the end, foreboding the end of humanity. The malevolence of the Reapers and the threat they represent never seemed so insidious as at that moment that you see the missing human colonys being reduced into genetic sludge to help build a new Reaper.

The story of this game and its enormously epic presentation to a galaxy on the brink of destruction all pans out here in this second act of the Mass Effect trilogy. It easily stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Half-Life and Halo in terms of scale and depth in a sci-fi magnum opus. Hell I would put it up against Star Wars for sheer breadth of characters and thematic presentation. It really is that good. I not only recommend getting it but also Mass Effect 1 if you really want the full package. I do not go on at length about most games but this one has certainly hit all the right buttons for me and I look forward to what Bioware has to offer in the next installment. A great game, a great time, and great fun.
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