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My first NARP.

Dtoid Portland has Narps regularly but I never go to any of them. Most Dtoiders here are grown ass people and me being 17 made me reluctant to do anything. Until Scion of Mogo made it known things were gonna happen at his house, big things.

So I said something.

King3vbo offered me a ride and I took it, despite the quite clear possibility of desu desu rape and having to play BlazBlue and pretend to enjoy it(LOL JAY KAY, it's just not my jam guys). Dtoider Cheezeitz lives like 5 minutes away from me but we never bothered to meet up either, so I figured we could take the MAX(train thing) together to Portland. He's a great guy, glad I know him now.

Scion makes the best waffles. He really treated us like kings the whole weekend. Many thanks and kudos to this man! I hope he come up to Portland soon.

Overall, this was a great experience to meet such awesome people and just STFUAJPG with. Can't wait for another meet up. I encourage more of you folks to get together, even if you live in bumfuck nowhere, I'm sure there's Dtoiders everywhere by now to just get a litle bit going. You wont regret it!

Here's to great guys like King3vbo, LostChrichton, CrocBox, Cheezeitz, Scion of Mogo, Wedge, Alex, and of course Bullettrain(feel free to slap me across the face with a giant trout if I forgot to mention you!). Best group of people to pop this narp cherry

Also going to Popeye's with the likes of King3vbo, LostChricton, Grumpyturtle and Cheezeitz was surreal for some weird reason.
Also Also, Grumpyturtle has a video that I recorded during the first night. Should be on the Cblogs soon!
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