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My non gamer friend prefers American Ico box art to European


So I was surfing Twitter the other day, and I came across a Tweet by iconsam showing his frustration over the perfectly good Heavy Rain box art ruined for the North American Release.

This made me think of Ico, and start wondering if it non gamers actually think that the American box art is better. I turned to the chick next to me sitting in the computer lab at school and asked her what she thinks of the two covers. She says that the one on the right is MUCH better, and that the other one “looks faggy and gay with the two little people running”.

I tell her my opinion, which is that the one on the left would be much more appealing, because of the beautiful hand drawn art, and that it looks like something different. The cover makes it jump out to me, making me much more likely to buy it.

I ask her what she thinks again, and she says that the one on the right looks much more like a game she would be willing to buy. It looks more like a “videogame cover, it looks like a game”.

I don’t really understand her point. Just because it looks more like every other game cover out there, that makes it more appealing to you as a customer? Wouldn’t you rather buy something that’s a bit different? I know I would…

Anyway, it’s not like it really matters in the long run anyway. It’s not like she was going to run out to the store and buy Ico in the first place anyway. It just makes me think; would Ico REALLY have sold better if Sony would have kept the original European/Japanese cover art? I would like to think so, but maybe it would have made the game sold even worse.

Just something to think about I guess.
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