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In which scary things happen in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories


[SPOILER ALERT, but nothing [i]too major.]

Kay, so I was walking through this like courtyard thing right, and there is a broken swing set sitting in the corner of the yard. The game tells me that things aren't always as they seem, and that I should take out my phone and take a picture of the swing. I take a picture of the swing set, and there's a creepy little girl sitting there.

Keep in mind I'm sitting in my room in the complete darkness at 1:30 in the morning. So I'm kind of freaking out, then my phone rings, and I answer, and there is a little girl on the other end. She says "I need you, Daddy", and then just hangs up.

I walk back outside, and as I'm just kind of wandering the streets, a really loud screeching noise comes out of nowhere. A car alarm goes off, and then everything starts to get completely engulfed in what looks like ice. The buildings, signs, streetlights, everything.

This is freaky enough, so I run over to a little door in the side of a building, and feel slightly safer. Until these skinless, skinny, muscly, faceless pink guys chase me down and hump my body a la the Redeads from Ocarina of Time. Then I panick and try to shake the controller to get them off me, which I successfully do, until I have to point the Wiimote back at the TV screen.

I should probably mention that a bit over a year ago, I severely damaged the cord that connects my Sensor Bar to the Wii by setting a TV down on it, and I had to buy this crappy Intec, battery operated wireless version which only works about 1/8th of the time. So I can't regain control of my character, and I freak out and turn off the system.

Moral of the story is, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is scary shit, and you should never play it unless you have a sensor bar that actually works.
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