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100 Artist Rock Band Needs: Intermission [Mash-Ups Edition]


WARNING: The article you are about to read is almost 100% opinion and even worse is it takes place in a completely fictional reality where these songs might actually be in Rock Band. Sadly it's the only good thing about this fictional reality. Among other changes Obama is white and sex jokes aren't funny. It's a sad, sad, world.

I'M IN! So yeah remember that laptop thing? That kinda snowballed from there and now I'm living in Houston. I moved from Maryland to Texas with no prior plans to do so in two weeks. Yes, my life is very unpredicatable. So now I'm in Houston, I have a PC, I have my list, I have no Photoshop which bothers my OCD because that means those headers I made I need to somehow recreate sans Photoshop. I'd use my resources and snatch some CS3 on the DL but it's the family PC so I'm trying to use GIMP and it's god-awful so in the meantime here's something I recently thought up. DJ Hero reintroduced me to the mash-up and did you know some mash-ups sound totally Rock Band worthy?

So let's take a magical trip into a fantasy land where mash-ups appear in Rock Band DLC.

1. Smells Like Billie Jean

Artist: Nirvana vs. Michael Jackson

This was the first mash-up I fell in love with and I find it difficult to find a mash-up of equal quality. It just mixes so damn well.


2. Sweet Dreams Are Made of Seven Nation Armies

Artist: Eurythmics vs. The White Stripes

Wow. Just wow. Not only is this an extremely well made mash-up but the video is fantastic. Absolutely amazing. There's ALOT of Michael Jackson and Sweet Dreams mash-ups so I'll try to keep them at a minimum.


3. Lava Face

Artist: Lady GaGa vs. Sonic & Knuckles

Understand two things: I'm a huge Lady GaGa fan who has become even moreso due to the GaGa hate. Also understand I am a huge Sonic fan made even moreso due to the Sonic hate. So when I found Poker Face and Lava Reef from Sonic & Knuckles I was flabbergasted.


4. Rapture Riders

Artist: Blondie vs. The Doors

Once again this stands alongside Smells Like Billie Jean as one of the best mash-ups I have ever heard in terms of quality and sample usage. What I like most about it is it uses a fairly equal amount of each track instead of the typical instrumental vs. vocals setup. And 4:36 is an insanely nice touch.


5. SInce U Been Gone 2

Artist: Kelly Clarkson vs. Song 2

I'm a big recent Kelly Clarkson fan. Kind of like how I fell into Amy Winehouse I fell into Kelly Clarkson with the intention of hating her like the cool kids and instead loved her like the conformist. Ironically it's also how I fell in love with Song 2. Sometimes what's popular is popular for a reason ya know?

Note: I actually went through and uploaded this fucker for you guys since for some reason the embedding on the original was taken down (which means I may get in trouble). See how much I love you guys?


6. White and Nerdy 64

Artist: Weird Al Yankovich vs. Super Mario 64

White and Nerdy, Cave Dungeon theme, dig it.

Njuta av:

7. Crazy Little Thing Called Rehab

Artist: Amy Winehouse vs. Queen

Wow. This is one of those mixes I would have never called. I could've seen Seven Nation Army and the Eurhythmics and I could've seen SInce U Been Gone and Song 2 but this completely caught me by surprise.


8. Pony Trike

Artist: New Young Pony Club vs. R.E.M.

Next to La Roux New Young Pony Club is the best thing I found last year in what was, for me, an amazing year of musical discoveries. This completely blows my mind. It's not the most complex or technical of mash-ups but it just melds together so well I had to share it.


9. The Zombie Scientist

Artist: The Cranberries vs. Coldplay

While I don't talk about them nearly as often as I do La Roux The Cranberries are probably my favorite band of all time. They were my first love and there's no band like them before or after. Starting from Dolores O'Riordan's signature Limerick, Irish voice right on down to Noel Hogan's incredible guitar sounds and riffs as far as I'm concerned The Cranberries are the definition of incredible Irish alternative. All others just can't compete. And then there's Coldplay. While I don't really like Coldplay they were the band that convinced me that the mainstream pop music scene wasn't what all the haters made it out to be. It's not all Miley Cyrus' and Justin Biebers. There are some legit people who know their shit. And here it is wouldn't ya know? The band that got me into music, and the band that got me to stop ignoring pop music, together.

Can't you feel the love in this blog?


10. Bulletproof Dance

Artist: La Roux vs. Lady GaGa

Here it is. You knew it was gonna happen, I knew it was gonna happen. Picking a La Roux mash-up, like picking a GaGa mash-up, a Nirvana mash-up, or a Eurhythmics mash-up, was incredibly difficult because there's so many. I almost went for Beating It for the Kill which is a decent mash-up of Beat It and In for the KIll but the random out of place Woo's lost me. I almost went with this Cher remix too but the fact is Believe is not that great a song. And I didn't want to repeat GaGa again but this is so well done I couldn't resist. So basically there were a million reasons not to pick it and one reason to pick it: I can't stop dancing to it.


Bonus track: Humming Up the Bassline [NSFW]

Artist: Ludacris vs. Hideki Naganuma (Jet Set Radio composer guy)

It would never work but it sounds so damn good. However it could work with DJ Hero. Just sayin'.

In joi:


Pointless filler is pointless but filling. I had fun making this list and I've been in a blogging mood and while I try to get all my moving in business complete I've been itching to blog something. I actually had a cracker jack Monthly Musing I was working on over the weekend but Elsa kinda stole it which is fine by me because she did it better anyway. My opinion blogs suck plus I'm sure people get enough of my rantings on the frontpage.

So with a lil' elbow grease hopefully we can get this intermission over with and move on with the next 50. Maybe this weekend. Who knows?
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