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So...I've been here for almost a year


Good Night Sweet Prince

Now for a list of reasons as to why I stay here:

Friday Night Fights: This stretches back to the start of my stint here, hell this is how I got the bulk of my friends list on PSN. Now that I've graduated participant to host, shit is just even more fun. Funny little story from last night: I was playin' Modern Warfare 2 with the gents and Elsa, I was in a random fervor because Black Nexus wouldn't stop doing "Marco Polo" whenever he sniped me. When I finally killed him I said "You just got Falcon raped". Thankfully Y0j1mb0 wasn't there to hear it or he never would've let me live it down. They made fun of me for the rest of the night. Its stuff like that is why I love you guys.

Podcasts: As you've probably already figured out, I loved the old 1up podcasts and have been looking of a good replacement. Podtiod is good ( Especially 129 ), but Failcast is just awesome because they focus on the community...and bash Necros which is hilarious, same with 321GoCast, and please come back Retoforce GO! Sorry for not being in-depth, lost my train of thought

IRC: Is the shit, and you should all try to get in because some of the shit that goes down in there is awesome and Hilarious.

Well, as you can tell, I'm running out of shit to say, so I now leave you with some Queen

PS: Thank You for allowing me to waste your time !
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