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Some of the best fighting game matches of 2009.

Quick heads up, mostly SF4, the rest is kinda weak. Be sure to link some videos in the comments!

This year has been great, the level of play is still top notch, the amount of people going at it in a lot of the games has grown, and the "hype" seems to be stronger. Now let's see some of the matches that really stand out. I play 4 and HD remix regularly, no surprise I'm gonna start with these. And Street Fighter 4 being "the game" this year at EVO, SBO, Devastation, etc. has too many great matches to fit, so I'm sure I'll miss a vid THAT HAS TO HERE >.<

Street Fighter IV


The Japanese are known for their control in matches, but in this vid they show they can clutch it out as well. I'm both amazed and horrified by how beast Ryu is in this game. I WASSS gonna go in this Ryu/Zero but now it looks like I'll switch him out for Chun or Frank West.

GX (Casshern/Roll) vs. Dirty 0 (Karas/Casshern)

Roll is god tier.


Please excuse me, I stopped playing this game after a month(let's just say it's not my jam) and haven't been following it since. I was asking friends who play this and even they couldn't link me to a vid since most of them played it casually. I know how good this game is for the majority of those who read the Cblog(a few of you go out of you're way to ALWAYS compare it to SF4. Fuck you/die in a fire <3), link some vids!

Here's the best I could collect.

Arcade Infinity Blazblue Tournament - Top 8 Soniti(RA) vs HellFromAbove(AR)

Pretty great match, the last rush was just craaaaazy.

Wehha (Bang) vs usvmh4bm8 (Bang)


BBCS GC 11/25 Battle for Bang Supremacy Dora vs Shadow

I know guys, that wasn't enough Bang(you can never have enough really) so here's moar BANG, but this time played a bit more serious. Watch the rest of the set,watch the fucking youtube playlist. My only regret after quitting BB was not learning BANG.

I KNOW, Tekken 6, Soul Calibur 4, and KoFXII aren't on this blog. Well I don't really look into those fighters, so I wouldn't know what to even post about it. Feel free to link some vids/ make your blog about them.

Unless you need them to be here in order to validate your tastes(read: OhMiGOD YOU DIDNT PUT A VIDEO(GAME) I LIKE SO I HATE YOU).

I'm sorry, I can't help you there.
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