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Bad Endings and how they effect me.

Needless to say this goes into the spoiling: Suikoden, Disgaea, Knights of Republic, Mass Effect, Spider-man Web of whatever, Marvel Alliance 2. And Werewolf Last Warrior. I mention Fable and Bioshock too. The new call of duty.

I swear, I don't think I've ever gotten emotional over death of a fictional character like I did one in Suikoden. And it turns out, it was actually bullshit. Not only did they not die, but someone else was dead comes back. Sure enough it happened to me again. Ten years later.

Disgaea's bad ending.

Today (days ago actually - editor) h I beat my first nippon ichi game. It was so depressing. This will go over everyone whose not finished its head, but a major character dies, Flonne. Then you have to fight the head of the angels. Then you find out everything bad is your fault, your guy offers himself to save Flonne, and the credits roll. Then its implied that Flonne is back alive and sure enough the new prinnies arrive and one looks familiar. I was sad by this. 50 hours to get this ending. Oh well, thanks for you tube! Five years ago I would have to have accepted that, but now. Now we can see anything we want, anytime. I'm not the only one that recalls cutscenes being the rare reward for playing, Mega Man 8 for example has some.

About a year ago Spider-man got a new game. I'm a comic book guy, as you can clearly tell by my hateful tone and superior knowledge of everything, so I play these. Year in, year out. Movie in, movie out. Spider-man's had some decent games the last ten years, some better than others (Ultimate and 2 being the better ones - editor) and this one follows the third movie game, leaps and bounds more amazing. At least, from its combat. Everything else feels like a step back to the Playstation Spider-man missions. The camera can go crazy when you hit a building. I never complain about a camera unless its beyond horrible, and here you go. But one thing this game does is the light/dark choice. Going in, I knew I was going to be evil. I'm a bad guy. Even as Spider-man.

Sure enough I get to playing and Luke Cage, a character who used to be so obscure no one cared and I think few do now, shows up to give me missions. Over and over with the basic tutorials. I at some point decided I can't be a bad spider-man. That's awful. And then I get to act two. I'm confronted by her.

This was too stupid not to post. She has to say "www" too. Why do things like this happen?

Act two has you meeting Black Cat and you're offered the choice to be with her. Obviously I can't pass that up. Hot fries, video games, horror, and Black Cat. Those are my weaknesses. I just love black sn-, caaaaat. Something about this bad girl throwing herself into Spider-mans world. Hating Peter Parker, but loving, REALLY loving Spider-man. That's a storyline I've always liked. She's more partial to black suit (venom suit, evil suit, whatever) spider-man. So of course, when it asks me do I want to have fun with her, what did I choose? Would I go back to Mary Jane, whose snaggle toothed movie version and recent mind wipe soul selling nonsense have made me despise? Or Black Cat. She's beautiful and bad. At least when I dream of spiderman storylines, I picture her in there to mess things up. So of course, Spider-man chose her. As a nerd, I said out loud, and I'm not joking, "Sorry Mary Jane." If this is the evil path, consider Spider-man evil. In fact, I decided that was the end of the game. Game sent it in. I never want to play that particular spider-man again.

I'm starting to think everyone is too nice. Or admits they're too nice. When presented with ethical dilemma, I'll think I want to be the good guy. I'll say I want to be good. I'll go into the game thinking and saying that, then when the Black Cat offered Spider-man some "fun" if he became evil, guess what choice I went with? Then I chose to stop playing the game accepting this as the ending and returned it to gamefly. Something that I've never done before. I decided to just fill in the narrative myself, which I can do a shitload better than that particular spider-man game, and not play it. Spider-man realizing that the Black Cat loves him for being a hero, not Peter Parker, decides never to return to his shitty life again. Runs off to Canada with Black Cat where her bad luck powers won't bother him because of the free health care. There they become Scarlet Spider and White Cat, live together for a year or so, until she gets bored, and he then has to move back to New York. Realizing he might have made the wrong decisions, but had a great time doing it. Also thats a year in comic book terms, so that Spider-man as Scarlet Spider arc lasts about eight years. Meanwhile Eddie Brock becomes Spider-man or something like that. I don't care. It doesn't matter. I'm a lot better writer than these assholes. And I can get it all out in ten sentences.

Lastly I want to speak about that Star Wars RPG. A game that really seemed to put this whole good evil thing out there. I'm sure some others did it before, right? But this one seems to be the big one. You can be a good light Jedi who saves the day, or you can be an asshole. As an asshole, you kill everyone. At the end you can even kill the others you've had with you, making this insanely cool. You steal money. You talk to people like idiots. Use force for evil. Then at the end, as the evil character you become the ruler of the galaxy. As spaceships and totally-not nazi inspired symbols flow around you. Everyone salutes your guy. I never played that game again. That ending was so incredible I doubt I ever could. Even in the sequel you're asked what happened in the first and that was the choices I went with. I'm anxious to see what happens there. All these games that let me be evil, I'm going to be evil. Its just a matter of falling into it. Fable 2, me and someone from here started playing online. We start killing people. I was a good guy. Now I'm so evil, I could do good deeds forever in that game, I just became so evil there I ran with it. Towns slaughtered. People sacraficed. Dogs put to live with cats. I was a bastard. Wouldn't have it any other way. I took the money. I had millions already.

So I let the cards fall where they may. If I happen to start being evil, just a little, well let it be. Guy starts giving me lip and I'm given the choice to shoot them, guess what I'm going to do? A guy kicks me down a pit in 4-2 and laughs about it, I fight a tough bastard of a black phantom, make my way up. He apologizes. What do I do? Mercilessly kill this guy. And laugh at it. You know that airport level? THE airport level? Guess who gleefully laughed when he realized "I have grendades!" How is that any different from Grand Theft Auto and its clones. Games that let me run around on mass scaeles causing destruction. Do you think when I play the Punisher and torture bad guys, that I let them live? Seriously? I'm no hero. And video games let me play that out, despite trying to make me feel bad. Oh the special power that I can only use by killing little girls? Guess I'll have to kill them all. No problem. Seeing the bad ending to that game was so much better than the awful happy one. I'm thankful for you tube letting me see what might have been, but honestly, if I see the bad ending - for me - that is the ending.

One last thought, even if you play as the good guy first how many go back as the bad guy?
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