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Old School Games: Yakuza series


This game seems to continue the story from where 1 & 2 leave off, but in glorious playstation 3 HD. So the load times aren't as bad, I hope, and violence will be even worse. I sure hope its great! I watched this and every hyperbole for action I could come up with fails to fully explain how excited I am for this. Once again I hyped myself up for a game.

Ryu Ga Gotoku 4 -

All I know about this is that instead of just playing as one guy, you can play as four. I'm anxious to play this too, but I can wait another year. Or two. Or..

A final note is the name Yakuza, Japanese Mafia. A cool title often used in America for movie titles, American Yakuza, Yakuza Wives, Full MEtal Yakuza. Silly names like that. The japanese name of our Yakuza series, isn't actually Yakuza at all. It's Ryu Ga Gotoku. Which translates to "Like a Dragon." Makes sense to me since you're the Dragon of Dojima with that Tattoo. Anyway, here's a trailer for you.

In 2010 not only with America recieve Yakuza 3, but we'll also recieve Like A Dragon the movie. Seems to be a version of the first game, which I think will be a cool movie. Not that the movies in the game weren't cool to watch already. Also worth noting about the film is the director. His influence on the games themselves I should mention, but his noteworthy here more for his horror/revenge movies than his yakuza ones. Yes, Takasi Miike, director of Ichi the Killer and Audition is making this. He's also done movies like the three Dead or Alive movies, which are you guessed it, Yakuza movies. He's done tons of movies and I'm excited to see his version of a game version of his movies.

Have any of you guys played these?
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