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Destructoid Community Video Game Canon: Deus Ex

In this little series, I want to present some of the games that can be found on the Video Game Canon which is discussed and created by the Destructoid Community. It should give the reader some insight into why a certain game is considered to be an important step forward for the whole medium.

Graphics and Sound of the game don't hold up to well, but that does not really matter, since they still get the job done. That being said, being based on the first Unreal Engine, the game certainly looks dated. It doesn't look downright horrible, but it certainly didn't look too good when it originally came out either. It is still an acceptable view for your eyes and the music fits the mood of the game just perfectly.

The final question is: Why should I experience this game?
There is a very simple answer to that question: Because for every time, a video game producer promises real moral choices that matter and an immersive experience where you can choose how to play the games and doesn't fulfill these promises, you can point to Deus Ex and say: Why weren't you able to do something a ten year old game managed to pull of in such a brilliant way?

Deus Ex is an exceptional title, that deserves its place on the Destructoid Community Video Game Canon.

Source for Warren Spector bibliography:
Forster, Winnie. Computer- und Video-Spielmacher. Utting 2008. Gameplan.
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