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Take care of your controllers.


Something that always bothered me throughout the years, is how some of my friends destroyed their controllers overtime. I would go to a friend's house, we'd sat down to play some games, take the second controller : "Wait, the joystick is busted, what'd you do with it?" Overuse is natural. We have a constant stream of games coming our way every month. I understand some controller are built weak. I too am guilty of having destroyed N64 sticks, because Super Smash Bros demanded abuse.

My first gaming systems were for the whole family. Controllers were left lying around, stepped on, abused a lot. N64 controllers finished. SNES controllers no longer responding. Ok, that last one is my fault. As a kid, Street Fighter 2 made me twist the controller as my eyes twitched from pure anger. Bison is a bitch, what can you do. That's pretty much why I rarely play fighting games. They always bring out the worst in me.

Back on topic, from the point I bought systems for myself, the lifespan of my controllers increased tenfold. Limited money meant your gaming system was your greatest treasure. Some friends on the other end, even if the system was their own, they would break the controllers. I guess they played games too intensely. Jumps won't be higher if you press that button into the ground, nor will the car turn more when you tear off that stick. Relax.

Please people, your controllers demand respect, as they are your tools to live great moments. Use them nicely. There's nothing more satisfying than having the same controller from day one and still working. And if you do break one, be humble and have a moment of silence to think back on all the great sessions you had with it. The maker will be grateful.

What inspired to write this is the fact that when my Gamecube memory card died, the only memory left was the controller itself. I cherish it even more so now.
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