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10 Things I learned this week: It's Back Edition


Hi eveybody I am finally back after, what, 4 weeks? I haven't been doing this for a mixture of reasons which I won't go into but yes, I am finally back which means I haven't abandoned you. The good thing is I am now on winter vacation so now I have plenty of time to devote to blogging (especially since I can't find a goddamn job) and making some Dtoid Christmas stuff. Also, I plan on getting back into FNF starting tonight with L4D2. I haven't taken part in it for awhile so it will be nice to get back in.

1. I am a tad disappointed by MW2. They may have gotten rid of some of the irritating perks like Juggernaut but now the kill streak awards are just way overpowered. Now you can have multiple things in the air at once and one of the killstreaks (whose name I don't remember) makes it way too easy to rake in 25 kills to get the nuke. A nuke is something that should be really rare to get but I have come across 10 in 2 days and that is just fucking irritating, especially in non-kill based modes because it rewards people for not playing the game the way it is supposed to be played. The single player has also been a tad disappointing. Sure the levels are fun and there are some absolutely amazing moments but when it comes to stringing them together into a cohesive story Infinity Ward didn't do a very good job.

Special ops does make up for some of the short comings though.

2. L4D2 is great. The new levels, modes, weapons, and objectives are great but the new special infected is what elevates this game over the original. In the first one the Special Infected were actually really weak and it was rather difficult to incap an entire team because their abilities don't really play off one another. But with the additions of the Spitter, the Jockey, and the charger this changes. Each infected's ability plays perfectly off one another and it makes the multiplayer more intense and varied.

3. The Jockey is now my new favorite special infected. There is nothing quite as satisfying as running somebody off of a ledge.

3. Rochelle is a really lame character.

4. Buddha and Gyrael never named their pokemon. Goddamn heathens.

5. I need to go to swap meets in California more often. It is incredible some of the stuff I found Black Friday weekend. I managed to get my hands on Rival Schools and Parasite Eve which was awesome because I was looking for these for a long, long time.

6. Game Informer's top 200 games list is a bit, well, questionable. I mean, two of the games on the list were reviewed in the exact same issue. I understand that the list is essentially the writer's opinion but come on, Borderlands and COD6 came out really recently and is fresh in peoples minds. With all the other games they had the opportunity to look back on them after a year or so and see if they really were that good or how they affected the industry. They couldn't do that with these games and their addition just seems a little brash.

7. Moon Man is a really pathetic excuse for a human being. It's amazing how after being banned weeks ago he still comes back with alternate accounts to threaten people.

8. Until a little while ago the forums didn't have a Pokemon thread. YOU DISGUST ME FORUMS!

9. Zombutler has a somewhat creepy obsession with January Jones or whatever that chick's name is.

10. I'm really interested in trying out Adon in SSF4.
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