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SSF4 will NOT use GGPO.


I know I'm making a blog a day now, but this is pretty important.

Remember that old post I made?

I've got bad news.

Capcom V.P., Christian Svensson, says no games currently in development will be using GGPO technology for online networking, including Super Street Fighter 4. Excluding Final Fight on XBLA/PSN, which is just a port in essence.

Here are his comments from the Capcomunity.

With the recently announced Final Fight for PlayStation Network and XBox Live Arcade having GGPO, is it safe to assume all games released around this time or any after wards will be using GGPO?

Sven: Probably, but to set expectations, there's nothing in development using it currently. We had to port GGPO to the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 which was not trivial. Being able to get value from that exercise in future projects would make sense.

If not, will it at least be a new standard for downloadable games on XBLA and PSN that has online to use GGPO?

Sven: I'm afraid of the word "standard" because it brings with it an absoluteness that just isn't appropriate in the world of game development. Suffice to say, our US team now has considerable experience working with GGPO tech and I'd suspect it will be a candidate for future XBLA/PSN efforts coming out of this office, but it will always be case by case.

We've worked closely with Tony on this project (and he's generously helped give guidance on prior projects too). Trust me when I tell you, There are a lot of advocates of the technology in this office (me being one of them).

Will Super Street Fighter 4 be using GGPO?

Sven: I suspect the first statement above is sufficient to provide the answer to this question.


Well I'm glad. I know I said GGPO was great, but the more I played online with it, the more I started to hate it.

It basically lies to you, in many moments, especially in trading or wake up situations. And when it's very laggy teleporting is fucking worse than in SF4.

I'm sure the team in Japan is making something better, or at least on par with GGPO.
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